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March 23, 2015

November 18, 2011

Online Lead Generation :B2B vs B2C Markets Compared

The Above data shows the science of    acquiring online getting leads  via Paid Search ..Social Media and compares the state of Online lead generation for b2b and b2C.This Infographic  provides some insights on  some interesting  data on  which digital channels are used by companies  to generate leads and sales.

One interesting difference is how digital marketing budgets are spent by  b2band b2c firms.While a b2c generally use more PPC ( paid ads/ search marketing SEO ( organic search optimization) is  used more by b2b firms.

This difference in spending is due to the kind of markets both b2b and b2c cater to cater to.The sales cycle of a consumer items( b2c) is lower than a b2b products.The b2c products are mostly "push" items and mostly are impulse buys .and hence paid search helps to create that impulse via contextual ads,or banner/Rich media/text ads which results in making the sales cycle shorter,as compared to an offline brick and mortar store.

For b2b companies the sales cycle are longer and the purchase of such products are mostly "feature" based with technology  being a very  core of such products Selling b2b products is along drawn process  just like organic Search (SEO).The purchase process might take months or years and by  targeting more keywords via SEO helps b2b firms to increase their search visibilty resulting in more traffic and awareness which ultimately impact ' the sale and conversion.

Is Lead Generation On its Way Out? Infographic by Marketothr