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February 5, 2014

35% Users Click On less than 5 Banner Ads per month

MediaPost Publications Banner Blindness: 60% Can't Remember The Last Display Ad They Saw 03/19/2013: "After being asked to recall the last display ad they saw, only 14% could name the company, the brand or the product. A recent report by  Infolinks  shows that 60% users ( based on random sample) couldn't recall the  advertising  which was visible across the web

However lthough 75% of respondents who remembered seeing the last ad remember seeing it online. The survey analyzes responses from U.S.-based consumers in December from all genders, ages, income and education levels

The research data throws some interesting numbers on how consumers tend to interact with display and search ass
  1. Relevance remains a key challenge, and 3.65% of respondents who remembered the last ad they viewed did not remember the context
  2. Only half of users ever click on online ads, while 35% click on less than five ads per month.
  3.  Among online ad viewers, 75% saw the ad on their computer, while the remainder viewed the ad on their phone or tablet.

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