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March 5, 2015

With a Million Dollar Budget : Top 5 Real Estate Deals

US  Real estate prices

Geographic factors that Impact Real estate  Prices Across US

How much of real estate can your money buy you across the United States.Based on the data  taken from  housing data, real estate  and brokerage marketplace sites like Movato and Zillow The infographic shows  in which cities you can  buy  how much square  feet  of housing  for  a million bucks , based on the median price per foot across the  20 US cities. 

Option 1  Whether you choose to live  in  San Francisco in a 1500  square feet  Apartment , which is America's costliest neighbourhood at  a median price of $666 per square foot  .. for which you will be paying  a million dollars  

Option 2 :  You might want to be  living it up  at Sin City , Las Vegas  where you can afford to have 9259 square foot of concrete, with tennis courts and swimming pool  for a million dollars

Optin 3 :   You can own a 83,000  square foot of palatial  Villa at Detroit Michigan one of the cheapest cities to live in with  $12 per square foot .

March 1, 2015

Top 5 Must have Real Estate Online Tools to increase your commissions

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  Real estate  Must have tools to digitize your business   

 1) Cloud based Storage :Google Drive ; Cloud based which helps you to store architectural drawings, Civil works and files, list of projects which you can upload via  PDF, Excel or Word 

 2)Online Excel Sheet Sharing : ZOHO SPREADSHEET :Zoho Sheet is an online spreadsheet application that lets you create, share, collaborate and publish spreadsheets from anywhere. 

 3) Online Project Sharing ; BASECAMP Real Estate brokers can store documents, with timelines, work done and status update  and  and  share projects . For USD20 / month you can have 3GB of data,10 active projects . For $50 you can have 40 projects with  15GB storage. For enterprise Real Estate Companies you have have unlimited projects  at $150 a month with 100GB 

 4) Automatic Back up : CARBONITE . It automatically backs up all of your files when your online. You can automatic run updates to includes client records, invoices, contacts, marketing materials, etc. Carbonite offers a secure, easy-to-use cloud backup service with data protection and recovery. Carbonite offers 15 days of unlimited backup space for one computer

 5) Real Estate CRM Software SHOWINGSUITE: Among the best all-in-one real estate agent software suite. At $39.95/Month which includes 30 day free trial .A powerful real estate agent tool to help you manage clients, update their contact numbers, project status, a CRM software, Mobile App to maximize your potential and bring down your cost of acquisition.   

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