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April 19, 2011

Rebecca Black: Social Media Manufactured Viral Star

It seems a very different way of celebrating  100 million youtube  Views ... By now everybody has heard the news that Rebecca Black has surpassed 100 million YouTube views for her music video ‘Friday’, so how is she celebrating?  Apparently by getting herself a huge billboard smack dab in the middle of Hollywood.

Rebecca ,the new icon of Viral Marketing, American teen pop singer gained worldwide notoriety with her 2011 single "Friday" through the record label ARK Music Factory. The song received negative critical response, with many music critics and viewers dubbing it the "worst song ever.".. however across the world wide web .. things turned out the opposite way for her .The negative criticism and use of social media made  Black's  a phenomenal success. The music video, uploaded to YouTube, has received over 110 million views as of April 19, 2011, causing Black to gain international attention as a "viral star

According to David Gianatasio at Adweek, “She’s put up a huge billboard in Hollywood, congratulating herself for topping 100 million YouTube views in a little more than two months.  Judging from the preponderance of negative (in many cases, horrified) reactions to the song, it seems no one else was going to thank her in such a public fashion, so she had to do it herself.”