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July 17, 2011

Top 10 Best Selling Car Brands in UK : June,2011 Data

The Top 10 Top Selling Cars 

The Ford Fiesta was Britain's best-selling car in June. Sales of the Fiesta were up 7%. The #2-ranked Focus's gains were even greater at 17%. The Ford brand was up 3%.

UK Auto Sales By Brand - June 2011 & Year-To-Date

acquired 183,125 new vehicles in June 2011, down 6.2% from June 2010,
SMMT says. 13.6% of the 183K were Fords. 36% of those Fords were Fiestas.
The  British new car market was  at a 22% premium in June. In the United States, premium brands owned 11% of the new vehicle market.This is the twelfth consecutive month that the British car market has been in decline.

Ford, General Motors, and the Volkswagen Group sold more vehicles than any other auto manufacturing conglomerate in the UK in June 2011. The market share of each of those three groups, however, was lower in June than it was in May.

Strong BMW and Mini sales helped grow Munich's share of the British car market from 9.4% in May to 10% in June. Peugeot and Citroen improved from 8.2% to 8.6%. Renault and its Nissan/Infiniti partners gained a half a percentage point between May and June. Despite significant year-over-year losses, Toyota/Lexus increased their market share, too. Jaguar and Land Rover fell back from May's 2.3%.

source : Goodcarbadcar

July 7, 2011

The Resurgence Of US Car Market

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American Auto Industry InfoGraphic 2011 The White House

After record low sales figures just two years ago,  Auto numbers are on the rebound. To keep pace with demand, companies are having to hire hundreds -- in some cases, thousands -- of new employees.

Some of the biggest staff jumps have been seen at automakers like Honda, which hired an additional 1,000 workers in Indiana to crank out a steady supply of its sensible, fast-selling Civic. Volkswagen's highly anticipated factory in Tennessee recently opened its doors to built the Passat, and with it came a workforce of 2,000 employees.

Detroit is enjoying a boom, too. In fact, General Motors is hiring an additional 2,500 workers to help build the steady-selling Chevrolet Volt. And the company plans to bring on at least 1,500 more employees over the next year and a half.

In all, since the Chrysler/GM bailout fiasco of June 2009, the U.S. auto industry has hired roughly 77,000 workers. The sector's total number of employees now hovers near 700,000 -- nowhere near the highs of 1,000,000 last seen in 2007, but well up from 2009's low point of 623,000. And that's to say nothing of parts and manufacturing jobs, both of which have also seen steep increases in workforce numbers.

As of June 30, total light vehicle sales in the U.S. had hit 6,332,566 units -- 12.8% above last June's year-to-date total of 5,614,022 and roughly in keeping with the industry's 12% employment growth. Some analysts are predicting that U.S. sales will top 13,000,000 this year, up from 11,600,000 in 201

July 4, 2011

February 20, 2011