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August 23, 2014

This day that year : 26th August Celebrity Birthdays

August 26th Celebrity Birthdays 

Macaulay Culkin  : Actor
Melissa Mcarthy : Actor
David Price : Basketball Player
Mother  Teresa: religious and social worker
Cassie Ventura ; Singer
Daniel O Brien : TV Actor)
James Harden : Basketball Player
Neeru Baweja : Bollywood movie actor
Kim Burrel : Singer
Oleg Takrarov : Actor 
Keith Allison: Singer
Brian Kelley : Singer
Madhur Bhandarkar : Director
Shirley Mansion : Singer 
Chris Burke : TV Actor
Michael Jetter : Movie Actor
Ingrid Bergman : Director

March 31, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Facebook Fans To Promote Her New Song

Jennifer Lopez is making fans work for her next single. To snag the song “I’m Into You” from iTunes before the official release date, enough fans have to “Like” the tune on her Facebook Page.

Lopez and her label, Island Def Jam, announced the campaign Wednesday with a custom tab on the artist’s Facebook Page titled “Like for Love?” The page includes a 30-second clip of the song, featuring Lil Wayne, and a call to show J-Lo love by clicking “Like.” So far, the song has received around 2,000 Likes (2% on J-Lo’s “Love Meter”) — but fans have until the official release date, April 5, to “Like” the jam.
Fans can also share a link to the page in order to win an autographed copy of Lopez’s new album, Love — those who get the most clicks on their links will score the goods, and those who share the link and “Like” the song could win a trip to see the American Idol finale in Los Angeles (Lopez appears as a judge on the show).
This is hardly the first time an artist has leveraged the Facebook Like to offer a song. In fact, Lil Wayne premiered the first single off of his new album exclusively on Facebook (with a call to “Like” to unlock), and Jay-Z and Kanye West launched a dedicated Page on the site so that fans could get a first listen of “H.A.M,” off of Watch the Throne.

February 14, 2011

If Celebrities were Browsers and Search Engines

On Tuesday, Yelp co-founder David Galbraith estimated that if the total bandwidth used on Google Searches for Lady Gaga was converted into SMS messages on AT&T, it would cost 10.5 trillion dollars.

According to my calculator-dependent math education: if all 6.7 billion people on the planet made 10,000 texts about Lady Gaga (using 1120 bits per text) at AT&T's rate of $0.20 per message, it would cost 13.3 trillion dollars.