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February 14, 2011

Top 5 Celebrity Addictions and Tax Deductions

Via Onlyinfographic
The Business Insider takes a look at the wacky side of the industry, which mainly includes celebs insuring their body parts for millions of dollars. And some extraterrestrial stuff. Here goes:

   1. Heidi Klum's legs: The model's right one, at $1.2 million, is insured for $200,000 more than her left because that leg bears a small scar.

   2. America Ferrera's teeth: Sponsor Aquafresh values the actress' smile so much it took out a $10 million policy on her behalf.
   3. Dolly Parton's breasts: A national treasure, so why not $300,000 per?
   4. Tom Jones' chest hair: A national treasure in Britain, we guess. But $7 million?
   5. JLo's posterior: Again, national treasure. Should it come to harm, the payout is $27 million.
   6. Keith Richards' middle finger: The Rolling Stones guitarist has his bird insured for $1.6 million. Thank goodness.
   7. David Lee Roth's man-seed: Yup. Back in the '80s, the Van Halen singer valued his semen at $1 million.
   8. "Alien abduction, impregnation, and consumption:' Non-celeb Paul Hucker would get $1.5 million should any of those things happen. The policy is actually not uncommon: 20,000 Americans have some variant.