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April 23, 2011

Android Phones Also Tracks Your Location

Its not only the iphone but Smartphones running Google's Android software  also collect data about the user's movements in almost exactly the same way as the iPhone, according to an examination of files they contain. 

The discovery, made by a Swedish researcher and published in   Guardian comes as the Democratic senator Al Franken has written to Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs demanding to know why iPhones keep a secret file recording the location of their users as they move around, as the Guardian revealed this week. No wonder  "Location Services " has become the number priority among the  top US tech  Giants. Companies like Google, Groupon,Apple including Facebook have realized that   location  services based on "local  data mining" will be a multi billion dollar business in the times 

Magnus Eriksson, a Swedish programmer, has shown that Android phones do the same, though for a shorter period. Android devices keep a record of the locations and unique IDs of the last 50 mobile masts that it has communicated with, and the last 200 Wi-Fi networks that it has "seen". These are overwritten, oldest first, when the relevant list is full. It is not yet known whether the lists are sent to Google. That differs from Apple, where the data is stored for up to a year.

April 5, 2011

Dropped Calls : Verizon iPhone Vs AT&T iPhone

When Apple's iPhone was exclusively on AT&T it was the butt of endless jokes that went something like, "It's a great phone unless you want to make a phone call."

Now that it's on Verizon it looks like those jokes are moot.

According to Businessinsider A new ChangeWave Research study reveals Verizon iPhone customers are reporting fewer dropped calls than their AT&T counterparts. (ChangeWave survey people and asked them for their recollection of dropped calls in the last few weeks.)

The rate of dropped calls on the Verizon iPhone is right in line with rate of dropped calls for Verizon customers overall, says ChangeWave.

This is good news for Apple. Now matter how many people blamed AT&T, there was always a sneaking suspicion that the dropped call problem was Apple's fault. This chart suggests the blame truly lies with AT&T.

April 1, 2011

The Most Popular DownLoaded Apps

"most downloaded apps"

"tablet sales across the globe" 
According to Pew Research, the adult downloaders in the Nielsen sample are hooked on games. Six in ten of these recent downloaders said that they had used a game app in the past 30 days. By comparison, roughly half said they had used a news/weather app, map/navigation app, or social networking app in that same timeframe. While music apps ranked second in terms of total downloads, they ranked fifth on the most used list for this group.

Apps users have a distinct demographic profile when compared with other cell phone using adults, and when compared with the entire U.S. adult population. Apps users skew male, and they are much younger than the broader population. Overall, they are also more educated and more affluent than other cell phone users or the adult population as a whole. The apps-using population also skews slightly Hispanic when compared with other cell phone users and all adults.