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June 4, 2011

Future iPhone To Support China Mobile's 4G Network

Future versions of Apple's iPhone will support China Mobile's fourth generation (4G) network, China's largest mobile carrier said, a sign that it will eventually offer the iconic device to its 600 million customers.

. Both Apple and the carrier have reached a consensus on the development of Long-Term Evolution (LTE), a 4G technology that can allow mobile phones to exchange data at much faster rates. When Apple releases iPhones built for 4G networks, the devices will also support China Mobile's version of this technology known as LTE TDD (Time-Division Duplex)

As of March 2011, China Mobile is the world's largest mobile phone operator with over 600 million subscriber  It is the world's largest individual mobile operator by subscribers>China Mobile has dominated Chinese mobile services since its inception. As of 2010 China Mobile controls the vast majority of its domestic mobile services market, with 70% market share. China Unicom and China Telecom have 20% and 10% shares, respectively.The lack of an official iPhone in China's Mobile smartphone offerings has given its rival China Unicom an edge in the market, according to analysts

Incorporated in 2000, China Mobile was born from the mobile phone division of China Telecom (although this company continues to provide mobile services after its 1999 break-up.