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July 27, 2015

Follow the brand : 10 things about craiglist you would never have know

5 Craigslist Statistics you never  would have known"

15 Craigslist Statistics you never  would have known

  1. Number of countries that have a local Craigslist site 70
  2. Number of Craigslist daily queries worldwide 50,000,000
  3. Number of Classifieds ads posted at Craiglist : 80 million
  4. Total percentage of all Craigslist revenue that comes from adult service ads 33 %
  5. Number of new classified ads that are published on Craiglist every month 40 million
  6. Number of used car ads viewed on Craigslist 9.2 million
  7. Number of page views Craigslist gets every month 20 billion
  8. Number of Americans who use Craigslist each year 50 million
  9. Monthly user postings at Craiglist  discussion forums: 200 million
  10. Number of job listings posted to Craigslist each month 1 million
  11. Percent of Craigslist owned by Ebay 25 %
  12. Americans that visit craiglist every month :60million
  13. Number of language supported by Craiglist : 13
  14. The number of job ads out of 100million classifieds : 2million
source: Statistic Brain Research Institute, Craigslist Research Date: July 1st, 2015

March 4, 2012

The State Of Local Review Sites: Yelp's Revenue Model Explianed

Local reviews site Yelp is set to price their upcoming IPO tonight.  According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, it will sell 7.15 million shares at a price of $12 to $14. That would value the company at $838.6 million at the high end of that range.
Yelp has grown by getting uslers to write reviews of businesses, engaging them through social networking features, and piggybacking on search engine traffic
Yelp's traffic exceeds 66 million monthly unique visitors, is used on more than 5.7 million mobile devices, and has collected a total of 25 million reviews since its inception in 2004 (see breakdown of reviews by business segment in the chart above). 
Yelp 's revenue model helps it earn money and it  generates almost all olf its revenue from advertising—91.4 percent for 2011. It's primarily two kinds of advertising:

  • Local advertising from businesses that want to be featured on Yelp, which is 76.8 percent of total ad revenue.
  • Brand advertising, i.e. display and text ads on, which gets lots of traffic from search engines.

    How do the local ads work? Restaurants, clothing stores, or beauty salons pay Yelp for the right to prominently appear first on any given search, with the review of their choice as the teaser (see screenshot). So if a Yelp user searches for “Thai food” in San Francisco, they will first be directed to the advertising restaurant before being shown organic results.
    The remainder of the company’s revenue is largely from Yelp Deals, a Groupon-like daily deals business which Yelp is scaling down. (See revenue breakdown below.)

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