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January 2, 2016

January 1, 2016

40% business do not use " security encryption" for storing data in cloud

40% business do not use " security encryption" for storing data in cloud.The below infographic shows why although big data and cloud are being increasingly adopted by enterprises despite security concerns and risk awareness  and storing big data on cloud 

"The rise of the cloud : security or productivity"
Despite the fact that cloud data storage is becoming more popular, a full 88% of businesses surveyed to get the infographic statistics aren’t using the cloud to its fullest because of security concerns. More than 40% of those businesses say that cloud security issues are more critical than they have ever been.

2015 digital marketing trends in 10 charts

MOBILE PAYMENTS,INTERNET OF THINGS, RISE OF CHINA, AND ALIBABA'S GREAT CHINA WALL. The 10 charts show the evolution of digital marketing and online trends last year

the rise of mobile, social analytics  and cloud ( SMAC ) had been instrumental in what is known as today’s SMAC Stack—‘the fifth wave’ of IT architecture—is happening faster than anything that’s come before. By 2020, as many as 100 billion computing devices will be connected to the Web. ... Retailers are strategically deploying the SMAC Stack across key business

June 2, 2015

Gamefly to launch online gaming platform on Amazon Fire TV

"Gamefly to launch online gaming platform  on Amazon Fire TV "
GameFly,  has acquired cloud-streaming  Israel based company Playcast. This will enable GameFly to build an online gaming platform similar to a  movie-streaming platform where people beam films and television shows from a centralized server right to their television sets

GameFly’s new tech will debut later this year exclusively on the Amazon Fire TV at launch by which it plans to later expand its digital-gaming solution on other devices as well as smart TVs.
The service, which should already be live in the Amazon Fire TV App Store, is made up entirely of PC ports of console games, meaning players will need a compatible Xbox-styled controller (such as the official Amazon Fire TV controller) to play them. To access the service's launch library of 35 games, users will have to try out an unorthodox subscription model: a series of game "packs" that users must subscribe to individually.

May 16, 2015

July 15, 2013

Cloud Collaboration Tools :List of 25 Most Trafficked sites

The latest Trends on Web Marketing

Document management sites enable sharing and collaboration across the web, without the intervention of a third party. Documents shared either as PDF, PPT or World can be uploaded acrss these document management sites, which can in turn be embedded shared publicly or privately depending on the user

How does this Benefit your business 
1)     Helps collaboration and sharing  between  co-workers,  in real time’
2)     Cuts down on costs to process data and information 
3)     Serves as  a Traffic Referal, as  the website  can be linked in these sites
4)     Search Engine : A backlink  from either scribd, slideshare or sliderocket helps optimize your site better