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January 29, 2011

Coco Cola: The Real Facts : Infographic

Coco Cola company being founded in 1892, the actual Coca-Cola formula and brand was bought in 1889, three years after it was invented by John Stith Pemberton. Today, Coca-Cola is so popular it is estimated that 1.5 billion Coca-Colas are served each day.

Besides its namesake Coca-Cola beverage, Coca-Cola currently offers more than 500 brands in over 200 countries or territories and serves 1.6 billion servings each day.
The company operates a franchised distribution system dating from 1889 where The Coca-Cola Company only produces syrup concentrate which is then sold to various bottlers throughout the world who hold an exclusive territory. The Coca-Cola Company owns its anchor bottler in North America, Coca-Cola Refreshments.

The Coca-Cola formula is The Coca-Cola Company's secret recipe for Coca-Cola. As a publicity, marketing strategy and intellectual property protection strategy started by Robert W. Woodruff, the company presents the formula as a closely held trade secret known only to a few employees, mostly executives.
The Coca-Cola Company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia

However, with the company owning other drinks such as Oasis, Sprite, Fanta and Minute Maid, the company sees over 50 billion of its products served each day. Unsurprisingly, the companies profits are enormous – in 2008, they were estimated to be in excess of $1 billion.