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February 4, 2016

performance feedback and appraisal software : comparison review

Top Performance Appraisal Software

This chart from capterra shows the top 10  employee performance  appraisal and feedback software solution The bechmark metrix is based on  the following criteria's
1)the number of software's installed across the market/ size of the vendor
2)The number of satisfied  users and enterprise customers
3)Social rating and approvals based on the number of  social media subscribers .

IBM, Oracle ,SuccessFactors, EchoSpan, and Talentia's products  are ranked from no 1 to 5 in terms of Customers, while the software from   Saba, IBM, Oracle, SuccessFactors  and Ultimate Software are among the top 5 rated by the number of users 

November 17, 2015

global internet penetration vs mobile penetration: 1995 -2015

content here
"chart showing global web penetration vs mobile penetration"

the above charts by Mary Meeker (kleiner perkins )reflects the change in world internet penetration vs its mobile penetration. Currently internet penetration across the world is at 39%, (2.8 billion )out of which 23% users are from US and 19% are from China
Whereas mobile penetration across the world stands at 73%( with 5.2 billion users ) out  of which 60% use feature phones compared to 40% users using smartphone

October 17, 2013

October 13, 2013

Comparison Chart : Standard Email Services vs Bulk Emailers

 Mass emails vs Standard email comparison chart

 The chart above shows  " a standard email mailers which most of us receive on  a daily basis. Emailers which are sent to their users  if they have 1) either subscribed  for a newsletter, Alerts, Notifications on something which you have opted in, ( This also includes  payment receipts, invitations,

Transactional Email Service :Transnational email is an expected email because it has been triggered automatically after a transaction or a specific event. Common examples of transnational email is : account opening and welcome message, order shipment confirmation, shipment tracking and purchase order status, registration via a contact form, account termination, payment confirmation, eCommerce purchase and many more. 

Bulk Emailers are used by publishers and this can be sent to a third party  which   sends you a have opted for such a service . Examples include a " Newsletter which offer a coupon or a gift card which you can redeem (  at a store , a Holiday sales discounts, etc)

The basic difference is that while B2c users are  transnational  and sent for a service which you requested at some time by consumers

These services help you to send these emails without having to configure and manage mail servers, ensuring you to have state of the art configuration to ensure email deliverability. Your application can usually use SMTP protocol using their SMTP Relay, or use a specificAPI.

While Bulk Emailers are meant for most often that  for business or lead generation . These  emailers  are normaly send as a promotional  offer,  for  a third party. However   the veracity of these emailers  cannot be ensured, as it migh land up in  the junk box,  or the email service provider might not recognize the message

December 23, 2012

Top 5 Document and Presentation Sharing Sites in HTML5

5 of the Best Free HTML5 Presentation Systems - SitePoint: HTML5.For presentations, Microsoft PPT  was the only one Player  which reigned supreme in the last 2 decades. when it came to presentations and document management  tools

However "  post the HTML 5 invasion, a new set of tools powered by rich media without Flash is being adopted across the entreprise as well as small business, more specifically, HTML5 templates powered by JavaScript with CSS3 2D/3D transitions and animations. The benefits include:

Among the key advantages of HTML 5 Presentation tools are it’s quicker to add a few HTML tags than use a WYSIWYG interface you can update a presentation using a basic text editor on any device files can be hosted on the web.

Here are the top 5 free websites  which allows you to create a " Presentation like  ppt , powered by  HTML 5 ( courtesy:sitepoint)


Slides can be positioned horizontally or vertically. It’s also easy to change the CSS to add your own effectsSlides are defined in separate section tags and Reveal.js offers a choice of several 3D slide transitions


Impress.js  has been influenced by the commercial; slides are arranged in a 3-dimensional space and your view rotates and pans accordingly. 

Google Slides Template

Google has their own HTML5 presentation template (as well as the one offered in Google Docs). It’s fairly basic when compared to Reveal.js or Impress.js; it’s restricted to right-to-left slide transitions and fade-in effects


Deck.js was one of the first HTML5 presentation systems. It looks similar to Google’s offering — perhaps a little prettier, but without slide transition effects.There’s also a documented API so it’s possible to create your own extensions.
Download the Deck.js files


Shower is a presentation system by Vadim Makeev of Opera Software. While it’s one of the simpler systems, it’s fast and works well in all browsers. The slide thumbnail view is especially cool (press ESC).

November 7, 2012

Digital Spending Comparison : Obama vs Romney

Barack Obama Appears To Be Spending About $4.4k To $13.1k / Day On Google Search. Mitt Romney Appears To Be Spending About  $3.4k To $6.3k / Day On Google Search. In Other Words, Obama Is Spending Up To Twice As Much On Google Search Advertising As Romney. These Are Just Estimates Based On Traffic And Cost Per Click Estimates

Election Wrap: Head-to-Head Comparisons Across Media: Recent data from Wordstream shows  the internet spending by both the nominees in US Election 2012.The  data  on internet presence across social ,Search and display shows how they fared in the " world Wide web and who won the War

The conclusion as depicted by the charts show that President Obama Trumped across the digital space   as well, with considerable  lead over Governor Romney by a significant margin.

Data  estimates reveal that President Obama had more than 3 times as many estimated website viewers in October than Governor Romney (8.6 million vs. 2.6 million)
Across social media, President Obama had 3 times Facebook fans as compared to Romney (31 million vs. 11 million); Twitter followers (21.7 million vs. 1.6 million); YouTube subscribers (257,471 vs. 28,579), and YouTube video views (262.3 million vs. 29.3 million). 

November 6, 2012

Who's Raking in the Highest Profit Margins from Tablets: Microsoft vs Google

Microsoft Surface has higher margin than Apple iPad: IHS - The Times of India: Microsoft and Apple are garnering the highest profit margins for their tablets, followed by Google and then Amazon, according to research firm IHS.

Crushing Competition the Apple Way :2012 Tablet Market by IDC shows  iPhone  leading the charts with Samsung,Asus,Lenevo

2012 Tablet Marketshare: Commanding 68% of the market,Apple rules the charts with Samsung managing 9% which is a difference of  58% point difference between the no 1 and the number second with a huge margin

The above graph by Asymco  shows how As the following graph shows Apple gross margins and its operating margins have both been on a consistent upward slope since early 2006.

How much does it costs the Tech firms  to manufacture a Tablet :Does the higher price of iPad makes more profit for Apple. Well seems that is not true as Microsoft's first self-made tablet, the Surface, costs about $267 in parts and labour when excluding its optional keyboard cover. It went on sale on October 26 priced at $499, for a profit margin of around 46 percent. Surface comes with a 10.6-inch (26.9-centimeter) screen measured diagonally, and can access the internet only through Wi-Fi. The price is for its base model with 32 gigabytes of memory.

With a similar configuration, the Microsoft Surface Tablet  makes more  more profit han Apple did when it released its third-generation iPad in March.

Apple's third-generation Wi-Fi-only iPad with 32GB of memory and a 9.7-inch (24.6-centimeter) screen cost an estimated $333 and retailed for $599, for a 44%  profit margin. The 16GB base model cost $316 and was priced at $499, for a profit margin of 37 percent.

October 27, 2012

iPhone sales grow 58%,iPad sales exceed 14million in Q3,2012

The iPhone  sales machine does not show any drastic signs of slowing down as  results from Apple's Q3,2012  sales report shows that it has sold 26.9 million iPhones, up 58% from the year-earlier period and above analyst predictions of between 24 million and 26 million. The quarter, which ended Sept. 29, included about a week of sales of Apple's new iPhone 5. Apple sold 14 million iPads, up 26% from last year but below many estimates.

The iPad grew shipments at 26% y/y but “sales” as measured by sell-through were up 44%.
Overall, the company's revenue rose 27% in the quarter ending in September, while profit rose 24%. But the iPhone numbers, slightly higher than analysts were expected, weren't enough for investors to cheer. Also weighing on them: lower-than-expected iPad sales and concerns about the company's profit margins. Apple issued revenue guidance for the quarter ending in December of $52 billion, about $3 billion below analysts' expectations.

July 7, 2012

Galaxy Smartphones Power Samsung to $5.9-bn profit

Galaxy nets Samsung $5.9-bn profit - Hindustan Times: "oaring sales of the Galaxy smartphone drove record quarterly profit of $5.9 billion at Samsung Electronics, though the South Korean tech giant is sweating over how Europe's debt crisis is denting demand in its biggest market for televisions and home appliances."

The flagship Galaxy smartphones are likely to have stretched their lead over rivals Apple and Nokia - despite a parts shortage that meant it struggled to keep up with stronger-than-expected demand for its latest S III model.

n its April-June earnings guidance on Friday, Samsung, valued at $170 billion and the world's leading maker of TVs, smartphones and DRAM memory chips, estimated operating profit jumped 79 percent to 6.7 trillion won from a year ago - in line with an average forecast in a Reuters survey of 23 analysts.
That would be 14.5 percent higher than the previous record quarterly profit in January-March. Samsung estimated its second-quarter revenue at 47 trillion won ($41.4 billion), just below a 50 trillion won forecast.

November 11, 2011

The Truth About Samsung Smartphone Numbers

The Internet has been buzzing  recently on the news that Samsung has overtaken Apple as the worlds leading smartphone vendor. The problem is, there are no numbers to actually back up the claim.
Here’s an example of how it’s being reported. From GigaOM:

Samsung had a very strong quarter, according to numbers it revealed on Friday to investors. Its shipments (which it doesn’t provide specific numbers for) jumped more than 40 percent during the third quarter. Strategy Analytics estimates that amounts to total sales of nearly 28 million devices, while Apple moved 17 million during the same period.

According to industry experts . Samsung doesn’t provide specific numbers, so  how are we taking their their word  that shipments jumped 40 percent? To make matters worse, Strategy Analytics “estimates” sales of 28 million devices.

According to Strategy Analytics, Apple sold 17 million iPhones, which is equal to a 21 percent growth rate over the same quarter last year. Those numbers are publicly available in Apple’s own earnings press release.

Note the big difference?

As Jim Dalrymple writing for  the website Loopinsight says Apple “sold” 17 million iPhones and Samsung “shipped” some number that Strategy Analytics pulled out of whose  ass.

Comparison of shipped numbers with sold numbers  is for all technical and non technical reasons wrong . Based on this report coming up with a conclusion that one company is beating another is more than  market Spin, and that spin coming from a Research group seems more than coincidental Samsung could ship 100 million phones, but that doesn’t tell us how many they actually sold

October 5, 2011

Clash of Tech Heavyweights: Galaxy S II Vs iPhone 4S

For the three-month average period ending in August, 234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices. Device manufacturer Samsung ranked as the top OEM with 25.3 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers (up 0.5 percentage points from the prior three-month period), followed by LG with 21.0 percent share and Motorola with 14.0 percent share. Apple strengthened its position at #4 with 9.8 percent share of mobile subscribers (up 1.1 percentage points), while RIM rounded out the top five with 7.1 percent share.

September 13, 2011

Who Is Making How Much : Facebook Vs Google : Revenue Comparison

Facebook is growing pretty fast -- the company has booked more than $1.6 billion in sales in the first half of 2011, and is likely to reach $4 billion by the end of the year.
But Google grew a lot faster in its first seven years. Facebook is doing way better than Yahoo, though

Net income in the first half of 2011 came to almost $500 million, according to the source, who wished to remain anonymous because privately-held Facebook does not disclose its results .That's about twice as much as it earned and booked during the first half of 2010

According to Bussinessinsider ,  the earlier projection  in April  was that that Facebook could see up to $4 billion in revenue for the year, and $2 billion in EBITDA earnings. The year is half over, and Facebook is less than halfway there.

Advertising usually picks up in the last quarter of the year, so Facebook will probably achieve this Target.

However the Fact  remains that " Facebook Though has grown its marketshare very quickly, the same cannot be said of its Financial performance ( revenue). Facebook hasn't provided much information about how it will grow its revenues beyond advertising -- it canceled its daily deals service after only a few months of testing, and so far it hasn't done much to extend Credits beyond in-game purchases, although rumors of a new mobile payment platform have been swirling since early this summer.

Facebook's stronger results come as investors have pushed its valuation to roughly $80 billion in private markets, with many industry observers expecting the world's No. 1 Internet social network to go public in 2012.