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December 5, 2012

The Global Tablet War in 2012: Android vs iOS

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile OS Market Share

November 6, 2012

Samsung Confirms 30 million Galaxy S III sold out in 150 days after launch

Samsung confirms 30 million Galaxy S III channel sales, 150 days after launch  Confirming figures that its Polish office let slip in a now-deleted tweet, Samsung has officially announced that channel sales of the Galaxy S III — its flagship smartphone — have passed 30 million units, that’s within 5 months (or 150 days) of the phone’s launch in May.

The 4.8-inch device has now crossed 30m sales in five months (157 days), rising from 20m in 100 days, and 10m in under two months.This means that Samsung Galasy S3 30million sales have come in 157 days which is nearly  two hundred thousand  samsung S 3 being sold daily 
Comparatively, the Galaxy S II sold just ten million units in 150 days.Take a bow Samsung..This is a huge lesson that when you are number 2, and try harder, there is every likelihood that you can become no 1

The landmark, which the Korean handset maker had expected to pass by the end of 2012, comes after the company sold 10 million devices during September and October. Samsung previously announced that the Galaxy S III had passed 20 million sales within its first 100 days

June 28, 2012

The Making of the Tablet Economy: How Big is the Market

With the Launch of Google’s official Tablet , Nexus ,the question that is doing the round across the tech industry is   “ does the Tablet market big enough “ for everyone  to have some share of the pie ..  or this is another consumer electronics bubble in making .

Google tablet market foray  has no doubt raised the stakes for everyone.. and  as its just a matter of time before Tablets replace PC as the computing device of choice .However the truth is that Not everyone is making money by selling tablets .It’s not lost on Google that Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire was the only slate to grab a sizeable chunk of the market beyond Apple’s iPad last year.

But the price at which Amazon kindle's were sold barely covered the cost of manufacturing.. and the situation is unlikely to change soon

With Apple winning the high-end tablet wars, Google and Amazon and now Microsoft  are left to fight over the low end of the market.

When a Google-branded tablet finally launches — likely in the third quarter — it will have to be heavily subsidized to carry a $150 price tag, analysts said.“It will cost more to build than it will sell for, which means Google will pay a heavy subsidy for its tablet,” said analyst Tony Berkman of ITG Research. “There is no choice but to do that, if Google wants to compete.”

Yesterday, reports out of China suggested Amazon also was working on next-generation  Kindle Fire tablets and will continue to undersell the iPad at $200.