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October 18, 2015

April 26, 2015

web and mobile forms 50% media time in china, digital ads impact 67% purchase decesions

Chinese users spends 50% of the total media consumption time on internet access from mobile and web. Chinese users spend 140 minutes online and a further 111 minutes spent on  mobile out of a  total 6.9 hours of media time .According to a Q1 ,2015 report on mobile consumption trends in china,Inmobi reports that Entertainment and  games forms 43% of most activities done on mobile . In china digital  advertising is a big influencing factor  as compared with TV and other media advertisements and outstrips any other media with a ratio of 3:1 . 

April 7, 2015

most sold digital and mobile categories in US compared to last year

Year to  Year  comparison of  most sold digital and mobile  categories in US

source : comscore

The top-gaining digital commerce product category in 2014 was Digital Content & Subscriptions, paid news also which includes downloadable music, movies, books and apps.Overall  this segment grew by  27% ranking as the fastest-growing spending category,

Consumer Goods came next with 21%b growth  followed by  Apparel & Accessories as the only categories to exceed 20 percent growth in 2014.

  1. Digital spending in the consumer packaged goods (21%), apparel & accessories (20%) and sport & fitness (17%) categories also saw high rates of growth, 
  2. while the jewelry & watches (-1%) and computer software (-4%) categories were the only to see declines in spending.
  3.  Separate results from the report indicate that e-commerce (desktop) spending grew by 12.5% year-over-year (to $236.9 billion), with mobile commerce spending up by 27.5% (to $31.5 billion

March 11, 2013

Mobile Payment Readiness Index : USA

The United States, with its final score of 41.5, is the great exemplar of one of the key findings of the MasterCard Mobile Payments Readiness Index: Scale matters. The rider to this conclusion, however, is just as important. While scale matters, it can’t determine readiness. It’s neither a necessary nor sufficient condition. US consumers remain, roughly speaking, more aware of mobile payments than they are able to execute them.
source : Mobile Payment Readiness Index