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March 7, 2011

The Biggest Companies having The Smallest Employees

While employment all over the world seems to be picking up, Companies have learnt many important lessons post the 2000 dot com bust, and the financial meltdown of 2007-2008. Today most IT and Internet Companies  have grown out from their fascination of hiring by numbers ... ! If you thought Big Brands means Bigger hiring . You  have to see these Internet Companies which are huge in terms of Volumes and Traffic but not very Big when it comes to  their Employment (  Information and data Sourve : Royal pingdom )

  • Employees: 72
  • Users: There are more than 32 million WordPress blogs.
Automattic is famous for being the company behind the open source blogging software WordPress ( and the hosted blogging service WordPress blogs are split almost 50-50 between the two, with 16 million blogs hosted on, while 16.7 million are self-hosted installations.
  • Employees: 250
  • Users: All Firefox users. The latest official version of Firefox, 3.6, has so far been downloaded almost 400 million times.
Mozilla is the company/organization behind Firefox, which is one of those open source projects that truly benefit from its surrounding community. As much as 40% of the work on Firefox is done by volunteers.
  • Employees: 18
  • Users: 12 million blogs on Tumblr
Tumblr was one of the big successes of 2010, and the rapidly growing blogging service is now hosting 12 million blogs.
  • Employees: 757
  • Users: 150 million users across all versions of the Opera web browser (desktop, mobile and other devices).
Opera is only the fifth-most-popular web browser (after IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) on the desktop. However, the majority of Opera’s user base is due to Opera Mini, which is very common on mobile phones across the worl
  • Employees: 350+
  • Users: Estimated to at least 12 million Ubuntu Linux users.
Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution on the desktop, and second-most-popular on servers. It’s also the most popular for use in cloud computing
  • Employees: 57
  • Users: Wikipedia has more than 408 million monthly visitors.
Wikimedia Foundation is the organization that operates Wikipedia and several other similar wiki projects. Wikipedia’s content has famously been created by hundreds of thousands of people through the years. There are currently more than 100,000 volunteers who write and edit Wikipedia (and its much smaller sister projects).
  • Employees: 500
  • Users: 560+ million (and that was a year ago, the number should be higher now)
Skype, letting you make voice calls (plus chat and video conferencing) over the Internet, has been around since 2003. Although it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges, the numbers we have seen indicate that Skype is roughly as big as Facebook in terms of users.
  • Employees: 30
  • Users: More than 50 million in the United States each month.
Craigslist, offering free classified advertisements online, has been around since 1996 (it began life as a mailing list in 1995).
Data of all these companis as of 17th January ,2011

February 25, 2011

January 27, 2011

How Americans Watch TV: Insights and Statistics

image source

Researchers at Lab42 did a study of social media users, surveying 400 adults earlier this month.

Using applications within Facebook and MySpace, they found out that even bigger changes are underway in TV land, and viewers are doing lot more of their TV viewing online.

In this exclusive graphic, you can see that viewers, particularly those under 34 years of age, are more willing to watch TV shows online. And, an overwhelming majority of the respondents are recording their TV shows on DVRs such as TiVo.

It’s no surprise that social media users are a lot more tuned in to video on the Internet, but the most unexpected statistic was that at least 72% of those aged 34 and younger are watching TV shows online.

Looks like that prediction we heard last year that online video will quadruple Internet traffic by 2014 might happen even sooner than expected.

According to Lab42, the 400 respondents were equally distributed across age groups and income levels.

November 23, 2010

Yahoo 2010 Consumer Holiday Shopping Trends

According t0 Yahoo! Shopping, The Holiday Shopping Intentions and Attitude Survey, on key consumer trends this holiday season,conducted by an independent research firm, two out of three consumers start their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving Day. Searches on Yahoo! revealed that people are getting a head start as searches for "holiday gift ideas" are up 470% this month and "Black Friday" searches started as early as September this year. And new this year, Yahoo! is seeing searches for "Black November" (a month of deals vs. a day of deals).

Recent Yahoo! Search Data Related to Holiday Shopping Shows:

• Searches on Yahoo! for "when is Black Friday" are up 579%
• Yahoo! searches for "Black Friday TV deals" are up 985% this week
• This week 64% of searches on Yahoo! for "Black Friday sales" are by females

The survey also concludes that, on average, consumers are spending approximately $900 this holiday season on gifts for about 12 people. What are folks shopping for? Technology-related products and jewelry are showing mass appeal for the 2010 gift-giving season. For example, Yahoo! search data shows that:

• Searches for "iPad gift" are spiking 800% this month on Yahoo!
• "SLR digital camera" searches on Yahoo! are up 126% this month
• Searches for "Tiffany's jewelry" are up 5,405% on Yahoo!, and searches from users seeking information on "how to buy jewelry" are off the charts, with 41% of searches from males

The results of the study also revealed that the majority of holiday shoppers are interested in offers and promotions, with free shipping being the key. In addition, the research results show that two out of three mobile phone users will use their devices while shopping this holiday season to hunt for deals, take and send pictures, and search online for comparisons while on-the-go.

Yahoo! Shopping Predicts the Following Items to be the Best Sellers for 2010:

• iPads
• iPhones and Motorola Droid cell phones
• Sing-a-Ma-Jigs Toys
• Microsoft Kinect for Xbox
• Jewelry
• Digital cameras