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September 21, 2011

The Most Used Social Sites For Content Sharing

The Above graph shows how users have shared content via the “ Social Sites” Google is the No 1 For Social Bookmarking with 3.2%  share . This number reflects the Number of Shared via the service Addthis ( for a period of 90 Days) June-August,2011. Theis data above only relects social Bookmarking sites.

This chart shows the services and the category for  which users have shared most content.

Social Networks ( Facebook/MySpace/  )  is the no 1 Category  with almost 60% shares .This implies that 6 out of 10 online  content sharing is done via Social network. This should not come as a  surprise since  Facebook is  the number one social network where users tend to share, communicate and interact.
Blogging Platforms like Blogger/Wordpress/LiveJournal  takes  the second position in terms of how users share content. Blogging takes the no 2 position in terms of Content Sharing with 15% shares.
Social Bookmarks is ranked third with 10% while Social News. Shopping Sites, Instant Messengers   complete the List. (This data is based on Addthis service)
Source : Addthis  

June 22, 2011

The Most Shared Platform Across The World

According to AddToAny, Facebook now dominates sharing, with 24 percent of shares from the widget consisting of users posting items to the social network. That handily beats out email (11.1 percent) and Twitter (10.8 percent), making the world’s most popular social network also the most popular service for sharing content. This is undoubtedly welcome news at Facebook, as the site continues to emphasize sharing and readies its own real-time search engine.
Interestingly, if you combine all of Yahoo’s properties – Delicious, Yahoo Bookmarks, Yahoo Buzz, and Yahoo Messenger – it accounts for 14.4 percent of sharing, making it second on the list. Less surprising, MySpace has fallen well down the ranks with just 5 percent of shares. Other notables include Digg at 4.4 percent, Bebo at 3.1 percent, and LinkedIn at a mere 0.4 percent. Meanwhile, the demise of email sharing isn’t all that surprising considering that on the whole, social networking now has more reach than email worldwide.