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September 5, 2009

Contextual Advertising :The Story so far

When Google launched ADSENSE ..contextual advertising suddenly emerged as " the hot and happening solution which promised publishers more revenue and advertisers finally got something that would take their brand to the next level.

Today if we look back on how contextual advertising has shaped online advertising ,it would perhaps not be an exaggeration to say that contextual advertising after the initial hype failed to live up to their expectation. Apart from Google Adsense.

Google AdSense was the first major contextual advertising program. which worked with JavaScript code that, when inserted into webpages, displays relevant advertisements from the Google inventory of advertisers. The relevance is calculated by a separate Google bot, Mediabot, that indexes the content of a webpage. Recent technology/service providers have emerged with more sophisticated systems that use language-independent proximity pattern matching algorithm to increase matching accuracy.

Since the advent of AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Microsoft adCenter, Ad-in-Motion and others have been gearing up to make similar offerings.However broadly speaking there are 4 kinds of contextual advertising .

Reprise Media Director of Strategic Development, Randy Schwartz further breaks down contextual advertising into four types: search-based contextual; channel-based contextual; Behaviorally-Based Contextual; and In-Line Advertising.

Search Based Contextual Advertising: Examples are Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network

Channel-Based Contextual Advertising:This type of advertising is similar to the ad networks created by Kanoodle and Valueclick. These networks offer broad coverage of the web across vertical channels .For example Valueclick reaches over 40% of the web audience through premium partners like iVillage,, Autotrader and Switchboard. Kanoodle’s contextual program carries a high composition of traffic across CBS Marketwatch and MSNBC.

Channel-based contextual can be extremely helpful in allowing a brand-based client to extend its reach across a web of content associated with a certain behavioral profile (making this the closest parallel to the demographic planning of traditional media)

Behavioral-Based Contextual; These ads target the behavioral aspects of the user and delivers ads specific to them.This involves ads being shown by building user-based profiles based on a user’s behavior across a network. for example is a user has subscribed for a personal loan newsletter ,they are shown car loans or home loads ads,since the buyer has shown inclination for such a behavior.This technology, offered by players like Tacoda and Blue Lithium, will typically leverage inventories across a narrow network of premiere publishers using their technology for in-house profiling and ad-sales.

In Line Contextual Ads:This is probably one of the most often maligned and abused forms of contextual advertising and often the most intrusive. In-line advertising is developed by companies like Vibrant Media,adbrite. inline Ads are the links which you see in side of the content,often colored green or made to stand out from the content.This involves some text being linked which when clicked takes to you a different landing page which might or might not be connected to the context of the content .Inline ads are CPC ads (ie you get paid per click).

December 1, 2007

Websites That provides Contextual Advertising Services

Contextual advertising is now largely proffered by publishers these days,since this provides site owners the opportunity to target relevant ads in front of the user , thereby providing more incentive for users to click on the ad . Google Adsense is the granddaddy of Contextual ads service. Google adsense revolutionized the entire Online marketing Industry as even Small and medium Publishers and Bloggers could now monetize their content.Suddenly banner ads which were a ubiquitous now began to slow signs of weakening due to the banner blindness . Banner ads clearly started to become less than effective and Contextual advertising led by Google Adsense dawned a new era

here are some list of websites that provides Contextual ads .

  • Google AdSense the first truely successful contextual advertising service
  • Affiliate Program via CJ and send an email to with the request to be accepted for the beta testing.
  • - Auction based Contextual Advertising Network. CPM/CPC based. Webmasters can select from a wide range of media such as Text banners, Graphical banners, Pop-Under advertisements, Search boxes, Contextual inline links, Layer ads and XML feed to host on their websites or blogs.
  • Now called: "Microsoft Content Ads". Formerly known as Microsoft Active Search. See new story at ClickZ
  • Contextual Ads from Microsoft - Currently in non-public beta (announced 8/29/2006).
Contextual Advertising Keyword Checkers, Simulators and Research
  • AdSense Dominator - over 1,050,000 Google Adsense Keywords... + Keywords Analyzer ($97-) comes free.
  • Google AdSense Sandbox Tool by DigitalPoint. Simply enter the URL or keywords and you will see up to 20 sample AdSense ads for the URL or keywords.
  • Google AdSense Tool by PromotionWorld. Like DigitalPoint Google AdSense Sandbox Tool, but you can select the Google Ad Format and Color Scheme to get an actual preview of how the Google Adsense Ad would look like.
  • AdSense Preview - Simulates what ads would appear on a given URL and how they would look like based on the selected Ad Size
  • AdSense Calculator Calculate Daily, Monthly & Annual Clicks+Earnings based on some basic Ad Performance Data

Semi-Contextual Advertising - Keyword Targeting:

  • BrightAds by Kanoodle - Smart Sponsored Links - Matching Ads to Content.
  • Text Link Ads at - direct HTML links that can drive targeted traffic and help your organic search engine rankings. Get $100 fee Credits with Code: STARTER KIT - Free Linkbuying GuideFree Link Buying Guide.
  • BlogAds place ads on America's most influential blogs.
  • CrispAds - Keyword Targeted ads on Blogs and in RSS Feeds.
  • RSS marketing solutions provider - Monetize your Blog and News feeds
  • publisher solutions provide customized tools for Webmasters to generate revenue with their Websites
  • by - Keyword targeted Ads like the Ad further up on this page.
  • Chitika Display targeted products and you get paid for clicks. You can select the product category you would like to get product ads being pulled from.
  • - Increase the Bid on Your Site's Income! Auction Ads allows you to display live eBay auctions on your website next to your content. You are in control of which type of auctions are shown.
  • TTZ Media - Keyword targeted product ads based on the comparison shopping API. Ideal for product review or other product related content sites with 250K+ impressions per month.

A very comprehensive list of classic PPC Search Engines (including Google, Yahoo, MSN/MS Live and, Networks and Services is available at Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engines List.

Blog Review Pay for Blog Post Services and Brokers

  • - Advertisers, can get their service or Web site reviewed by bloggers. Blogers get paid to review services and Web sites that are of interest to their readers.
  • - Pay bloggers to talk about your product or service. Bloggers, make money by blogging about products you like, Publishers add reviews to your site or blog.
  • SponsoredReviews - High quality matchmaker between the advertiser and blogger for paid reviews
  • Blogvertise - smaller and less strict review broker that connects bloggers with advertisers that are willing to pay for reviews (links)
  • - join the conversation via CreamAid's conversation Widget, Participate and earn royalties if your contribution is selected and syndicated.

November 10, 2007

Adsense Alternatives Contextual Ad networks

Google adsense changed the way people now make money on the net . This is where it started it all. Google with the lauch of its adsense made monetizing a website easy and hassle free . However there are also more contextual ad networks , which allow blogger,small publishers and alos some big giants to make money . Here we will review some of the contextual networks .

Quigo Adsonar
Smaller than Google AdSense but with greater features and flexibility.AdSonar is a content-targeted, auction-based advertising network that helps premium-branded websites and their advertisers connect with customers to deliver superior results.

This technology is amongst the top flight of contextual ad serving solutions; it was licensed by Overture in 2003 to work alongside their in-house technology.

Advertisers using the AdSonar Exchange network only pay for the clicks they receive from their adverts, just like standard PPC advertising. However advertisers don’t specify keywords to determine where their ads are shown on content sites; instead they bid on topics within a vertical category (for example within the wedding vertical an advertiser may choose: “wedding planners" as a topic.AdSonar will give you a simple piece of code to place on the pages where you want ads to appear.

Kontera: Kontera will give you small text ads to run at body of your site which will be hyperlinked. when clicked they would trigger ads . This is also called inline ads ( adbrite ). It has CPM as well as CPC revenue streams,can be run with other contextual ads network(adsense),minimum $100 payout

Intellitext:Inline contextual advertising and video:

IntelliTXT offers a very similar service to Kontera, double-underlining key words in the text of your blog posts, and serving pop-up-like ads when these key words are rolled over. One key difference between IntelliTXT and Kontera is IntelliTXT use of video pop-ups attached to key words. Key features include:

Inline keyword advertising with both images, text and video with a Minimum payout of $50 and uses both CPM and CPC revenue models working alongside other ad-suppliers, including AdSense which is easily embeddable code is simply placed within any blogpost or web page.


This allows you to display ads in relevant webpageswhich pays 85% of the revenue to webmasters,makes use of auction model,where you bid for placement,displays inline ads which are hyperlinked and has a CPM as well as CPC revenue models. It pays bi weekly and pays out minimum of $50.

The MIVA Monetization Center:

MIVA MC, can help you maximize revenue from your Web site. With MIVA MC, Pay-Per-Click Ads are matched to the content of your web pages and/or appear on your search results page. You earn revenue when users click on the Ads. Key features include:

It ;ets you also select the keywords that trigger your Ads, as well as blocking competitor Ads from appearing on your site by selecting the Ads that perform best.MIVA also allows you to Choose dimensions, colors and formatting of the Ads to reflect the look and feel of your site.It also designate alternate Ads or MIVA run-of-network Ads to monetize obscure pages.