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July 12, 2012

Smartphones CTR Higher than Tablets,but lowest CPC

Tablets accounted for 7% share of US paid search spending in June 2012, up from 5% in March,according to [download page] a July report from Marin Software. This increase in budgets came alongside a 33% quarter-over-quarter rise in tablet’s share of clicks, from 6 to 8%. Overall, smartphones and tablets accounted for 18% share of clicks and 14% share of spend (14%) in June.
A separate report covering US paid search in Q2, released in June by IgnitionOne, found tablets accounting for 8.4% of US paid search budgets.

Computers See Lowest CTRs, Highest CPCs

Data from Marin Software’s “Online Advertising Report” indicates that click-through rates (CTR) in June were highest on smartphones (5.21%), followed by tablets (3.22%), with computers bringing up the rear (2.07%). Cost-per-click (CPC) was highest for computers ($0.78) and lowest for smartphones ($0.49), with tablets ($0.64) sitting roughly in the middle.,
Previous research from Marin has shown that while smartphones have the highest CTRs and lowest CPCs, tablets have the best return on ad spend, measured on a cost per conversion basis.

April 11, 2011

Facebook Increases Their Cost Per Click Ads By 40%

Facebook Cost per Click Across Selected Industry Verticals
Facebook Average  Cost Per Click and Cost per Impressions for Countries(source: )

With Facebook ads increasing in popularity,  Facebook Advertising has just becomes expensive .AllFacebook reports that  prices have increased 40 percent per click during the past quarter. This is surely going to impact Facebook Revenue .. as well. If assuming that facebook increases their Revenue by double this year, Facebook would post growth numbers that are comparable with Google during its early years. 

Though its too early to  comment on Revenue for  this year, the price of ads are most definitely a great indicator and  the general trend has been that Social Advertising have a higher CTR as compared to Banners and  Display.

 Research shows that "Facebook users are far more likely to click on ads for entertainment, media sites, and blogs than for other kinds of ads.

This chart from a recent Webtrends survey of more than 11,000 Facebook advertiseements measures clickthrough rates (red) and cost per click (blue) for different categories of ads. There's a huge jump in clickthrough rates for the last two categories -- Media & Entertainment and Tabloids & Blogs. In other words, stuff that's fun to discuss with friends.

Health care ads are the least successful, followed -- somewhat surprisingly -- by ads for Internet and software products.