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December 15, 2016

this chart shows world biggest data breaches and victims

 Yahoo's recent data breach tops as the biggest hacking incident in the cyber web as news emerges that more than a billion user data was compromised. This is in addition to what Yahoo claimed in September this year. Most Importantly some of the information that was stolen included the nation's military, politician and  other government officials details. This database was apparently sold over the internet by east European hackers. Online marketing Trends takes a look at the biggest top 10 data breaches of all times , when  a huge number of user data was compromised 

The FriendFinder network, comprising Adult Friend Finder,,, and, was among whose data was breached sometime in mid-October 2016, and details of user databases immediately began leaking out of cybercrime forums

Topping the list of biggest ever data breach was MySpace..Stolen MySpace credentials turned up in the great data-breach wave of 2016, during which a Russian hacker calling himself "Peace" tried to sell off the contents of several old (and hence no longer valuable) data breaches. What was surprising was the size of the MySpace breach: 360 million account records, including email addresses, usernames and weakly hashed passwords

Earlier The Home Depot admitted in September 2014 that hackers had used malware to break into the company's system and had exposed 56 million debit and credit cards.To add insult to injury, most of the passwords were protected by the weak SHA-1 hashing algorithm, with the result that 99 percent of them had been cracked by the time  

Meanwhile Online Retail Giants Target was thge victim of another cyber breach as Hackers were able to access the retail giant's system for nearly a month. Target initially said the attackers had swiped 40 million credit and debit cards, but it later revised its figures to say that 70 million customers were affected.
In May 2014,eBay  asked its customers to change their passwords, after a historic data breach exposed names, addresses, dates of birth and encrypted password of 148 million users. Financial information (credit card numbers, etc) was stored separately and, therefore, wasn't compromised. . In 
2014 JP Morgan, The largest bank in the nation was the victim of a high-profile cyberattack during the summer of 2014. The breach compromised the data of 76 million households -- more than half of all U.S. households -- and 7 million small businesses. 
2011 Sony In late April, Sony warned its customers that hackers had stolen personal information for 77 million user accounts of the PlayStation Network, an online gaming service. The company temporarily shut down the PSN after discovering the breach. 

December 14, 2016

new details of 1 billion yahoo accounts compromised by hackers ,emerges

"the cost of fighting cyber crime security"

"new details of  1 billion  yahoo accounts compromised by hackers ,emerges"

Shocking details of Yahoo Hacking revealed: It seemed Yahoo  has lost count over how many " of its user accounts were compromised  as hackers managed to get details of more than than 1 billion user accounts. That's double the number affected by a hack revealed by the company in September 2016. According to Yahoo" Stolen data included" users' names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords. Those passwords are scrambled up with an encryption tool called MD5, which experts say is possible to crack with some patience. The data also included some security questions and answers, some of which weren't encrypted.The stolen data is believed to include information for over 150,000 US government and military employees according to Bloomberg . These include former White House staff, congressmen and their aides, FBI agents, officials at the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and each branch of the US military.

This enormous data hacked apparently happened in 2013. Earlier Yahoo announced a separate data breach in September this year, in which hackers in 2014 swiped user information from half a billion accounts, it was said to be the biggest cybersecurity breach ever.
Meanwhile a security researcher Jouko Pynnönen had reported a vulnerability in Yahoo! Mail via bug-bounty organizers HackerOne and bagged $10k after discovering and reporting a serious flaw in Yahoo! Mail that could have been exploited by crooks to read victims' messages.The flaw – fixed in production late last month– could be exploited simply by tricking your target into opening a booby-trapped mail. The same vulnerability could also be abuse to spread malware, as a blog post by Pynnönen explains: The flaw allowed an attacker to read a victim's email or create a virus infecting Yahoo Mail accounts, among other things. The attack required the victim to view an email sent by the attacker. No further interaction (such as clicking on a link or opening an attachment) was required

 Andrew Komarov  who was working with InfoArmor saw a  Eastern European hacker group sell the  Yahoo database three times - and he intercepted the database  and notified to to the Government reports dailymail
In the meanwhile Yahoo's chief information security officer Bob Lord says that the company hasn’t been able to determine how the data from the one billion accounts was stolen. 'Yahoo badly screwed up,' Bruce Schneier, a cryptologist and one of the world's most respected security experts, said after the internet company's latest disclosure.

June 16, 2016

facebook and twitter face lawsuit by father of daughter was killed in french attacks

Are social media firms doing something to stop the ISIS cyber terror and broadcasting messages across Facebook and Twitter

The daughter of Reynaldo Gonzalez who was killed in the paris attacks which killed 130 people filed a case against social media companies, Facebook, Twitter and Google. Reynaldo's daughter  21,was killed  in the Paris massacre  claims that  is suing Google, Facebook and Twitter, are not doing enough and even encouraging ISIS   and  provididing  “material support” to extremists in violation of the law and did nothing to stop online communication among ISIS terrorists Reynaldo Gonzalez, daughter Nohemi was among 130 people killed has filed the suit  in the US district court in the Northern District of California.
'social media firms gets sued by father of france attacks"

The suit claims the companies “knowingly permitted” the Islamic State (IS), referred to in the complaint as “ISIS,” to recruit members, raise money and spread “extremist propaganda” via their social-media services. The Gonzalez suit is very similar to a case brought against Twitter in January by the widow of a contractor killed in an attack in Jordan.
In statements, Facebook and Twitter said Wednesday the Gonzalez lawsuit is without merit, and all three companies cited their policies against extremist material. Twitter, for instance, said that it has “teams around the world actively investigating reports of rule violations,