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May 4, 2015

5 most effective consumer purchase influencers

" 5 most effective metrics in judging consumer influencers"
How do marketers convince consumers that they indeed have got the best deal .. well its still the old  way of   influencing consumers that matters. WOW word of mouth has the biggest impact  on consumer purchases decisions and  continues to outperform all paid media, finds Deloitte in recently-released survey results [pdf], which show 8 in 10 Americans aged 14+ saying recommendations have a medium (43%) or high (38%) influence on their purchase decisions. But among paid media, TV still commands the broadest degree of influence, cited by almost two-thirds of respondents.

August 23, 2014

Highest M&A Deals by Investment banks in 2013;

Goldman Sachs is the biggest investment bank in MA sector

In 2013 Goldman Sachs was the leading bank by the value of managed Merger and Amalgamation deals. In 2013, mergers and acquisitions managed by Goldman Sachs were worth a total of around 604 billion US dollars. The number 2 investment bank  in the list was  JP Morgan with 563.7 US billion dollars, followed by Morgan Stanley


A full-service investment banks usually provide both advisory and financing banking services, as well as sales, market making, and research on a broad array of financial products, including equities, credit, rates, currency, commodities, and their derivatives

July 24, 2014

Mobile centricity and Wealth Distribution: Is Mobile for Masses or Classes

mobile usage and income level : are they inversely related

A recent Mobile from Inmobi  , (  one of the biggest mobile ad platform in terms of reach)

Mobile media have  surpassed traditional media (TV & online) in terms of time spend • 
 Multi-screen behavior is common – 61% of mobile web users engage in mobile activities (e.g. social networking, text messaging) while watching TV •

an average mobile users who use the web ( Mobile web users ) consumes 6 hours of media ( which means apart from mobile web, which is getting streamed to them in real time . additional media usage  like TV/web/ desktop, radio and magazines continue  to be a part of such consumers life. No doubt multi screen behavior  is becoming more mainsrteam now

 Across the 14 markets, growth in mobile use in the next year is likely to come from social media, followed by entertainment

It seems mobile centricity   and income levels are inversely proportional .Mobile centricity defined by: 
•  Relative importance of   mobile in media consumption 
•  Comfort level with transacting through device 
•  Breadth and depth of mobile activity 
•  Mobile influence on offline and online purchasing behavior 

June 19, 2014

Top 10 Most Popular Online retail websites in the United States

Statistic: Most popular retail websites in the United States as of 1st quarter 2014, ranked by visitors (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

This  chart from  statistica shows  the  data on the average monthly number of visitors to online retail sites in the United States. During the overall first quarter of 2014, 164 million users visited Amazon's websites per month.While ebay and  Apple were among the 2nd and 3rd position

February 4, 2014

US Makes Up 57% of the World's 90 Billionaires

US global billionaires vs rest of the world
While  Technology Firms are most often seen as the Golden goose when it comes o generate wealth  with Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Ellison leading the list . However there have been many billionaires from other industries as diverse as Financial Investments,Media,Food and Beverages Sports, Retail and so on . The chart above shows the list of  the industries that makes up the highest Billionaires and most of them has been self made  .

1. Investments: 100 billionaires
2. Technology: 51 billionaires
3. Media: 37
4. Energy: 35
5. Food and Beverage*: 31
5. Service*: 31
7. Fashion and Retail: 28
8. Real Estate: 27
9. Manufacturing: 18
10. Sports: 15

 Of the 90 tech billionaires in the world, 57% are Americans. Looked at another way: While 12% of U.S. billionaires made their fortunes in tech, just 5% of non-American billionaires did.

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