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May 8, 2012

Mobile Cross Platform Mergers and Acquisitions

2012 marks an inflexion point in mobile platforms. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platform have been propelled to previously unimaginable heights, amassing over 540,000 and 350,000 listed applications, respectively, from hundreds of thousands of developers, as of the end of 2011.

Cross-platform tools have passed the “early adopter” phase, and are now moving into the mainstream
One tool vendor – Sencha – claims a developer base of 1.6 million, along with 300,000 registered community members. According to Vision Mobile Research Games development platform Unreal has seen 1 million unique installs ofits SDK, it says. Unity has seen major growth in 2011 as well, and is now claiming 800,000 registered developers, including 200,000 active every month. Appcelerator spiked its user base from 250,000 byanother 1.6 million by acquiring Aptana, and integrating its “Titanium” technology with the popularAptana IDE.

PhoneGap has been downloaded 600,000 times, and integrated with dozens of mobile application platforms and App builders. Cross-platform tools are making a consumer impact, too. Corona claims its tool has been used to create 6,000 apps, which have been collectively downloaded 35 milliontimes in 2011. Appcelerator claims 35,000 apps and 40 million device deployments