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January 29, 2016

sports market size in north america to exceed $70 billion by 2018

How much is the north american sports market worth. This chart takes behind the scenes on media rights, sponsorship details and break up of sports revenue 

"sports market size in north america is set t exceed $70 billion by 2018"
North American Sports market in 2015 was worth $63 billion and is expected to exceed $70 billion by 2018, while 2016 sports market will be a $65 billion giant monster. Out of this  gate revenues and media rights account for around 60% of the total revenues followed by sponsorships and merchandising , 

January 16, 2016

mobile spends in europe set to exceed 50% of their digital media spends

"mobile as a part of overall digital spending in europe"


  • In UK  mobile spends in 2016 is expected to touch 49% of  total digital marketing spends
  • Norway mobile ad spends will contribute 46%
  • France and Denmark mobile will reach 31% in 2016
  • Netherlands, Italy and Germany  will see its mobile spends reach 44% of their total digital budgets
  • Germany mobile ad spends  will see the fastest growth in western europe with 13% increase . In 2015 mobile spends  in Germany contributed 31% of its online ad spends 
  • Both Finland and Sweden will see their  mobile media spends  touch 45%
UK  rank first on Europe as the nation with the highest mobile  ad spends  49%,followed by Norway.Across Western Europe the average mobile ad spends out of total digital media spends is 44% 

January 10, 2016

digital key market indicators in united kingdom

"UK digital media market indicators"

The chart shows the key indicators of digital media in United Kingdom 

UK is expected to see a revenue in the "Digital Media" market amounts to mUSD 6,571.2 in 2016. The biggest digital market in UK  is  "Digital Games" with a market volume of mUSD 3,150.8 in 2016.

December 7, 2015

UK marketers spends most on search and social,online video sees fastest growth

SEARCH, SOCIAL AND ONLINE CLASSIFIEDS  tops as "highest spends across digital media in UK
By 2017,online video will be the fastest-growing digital media in United Kingdom,with more than 100% growth .Brand marketing spends on search and video will dominate UK digital marketing spends from 2016 onwards

"search and  social tops digital marketing spends in UK"
Search spends   in UK is expected to grow marginally in 2015  , while social  media spends is projected to grow by 8%  till 2016 , but  it will continue to decline from 2017 onwards, a trend that will continue till 2020
However UK marketers will continue to invest on search with  more than 70% of their digital budgets  allocated to search marketing. Search will continue to be the biggest investment across digital media from 2015-2020
However the real winner will be online video advertising, with  UK brand spending on online video set to grow by  35%  in 2016  and by 75% in 2017. By 2018, online video advertising is  expected to grow by over 100% and will rank no 2 after search marketing in terms of digital  media advertising budget spends


digital ad revenues across top 5 digital markets compared : US, China and UK among top 3

EMIRATES, DELTA AND  UNITED  are among the worlds most valuable Airlines brand with a combined brand value of over$17.5 billion .The number one airlines brand with a highest brand value is EMIRATES

"digital advertising revenues across top 5 digital markets"

digital advertising revenues across top 5 digital markets:

With $63billion US  leads the world in digital revenues, followed by china with $25billion. UK ranks 3rd with $9.97billion.

June 17, 2015

UK digital spends to reach £8.1b, to make up 50% of total ad spending

The UK will this year become the first country in the world where half of all advertising spend goes on digital media. Just over £16.2bn will be spent on all forms of advertising in the UK this year, including TV, newspapers, billboards, radio, online and on mobiles and tablets, according to eMarketer. Digital advertising is expected to grow by 12% this year to £8.1bn, making the UK the first country in which £1 in every £2 will go on digital media.

June 11, 2015

mckinsey global media spending report: 2015 and beyond

global ad spending growth  by industry categories

McKinsey report on global advertising  charts the key category where media spending will undergo dramatic transition post 2015. By 2017 digital and mobile advertising are likley to  form more than 50% of ad budgets , Cinema , Hoardings, Out of Home and  Magazines will gradually be overtaken by to web and they are likely to remain as a fringe media 2017 and beyond 

June 3, 2015

May 7, 2015

Porn on twitter leads to nielsen pulling out its promoted tweet campaigns

" the state of promoted tweets and brand advertising"

Twitter might be " working towards it more robust revenue model by  driving innovative ads .. However  it has a more basic problem. The problem is about "  Porn " in its website .

Nielsen, television and digital measurement company, was forced to halt one of its paid-for Promoted Tweets campaigns this week after its ads were served against profile pages dedicated to pornography, according to Adweek. . Reports  indicate that other brands including Duane Reade, NBCUniversal, and Gatorade also showed up in feeds next to pornographic images and videos.
Although Twitter's technology usually ensures ads do not appear against x-rated content, but on this time it failed and Nielsen suspended its campaign.

March 24, 2015

Post Campaign Action by mobile users: Finance advertisers vs Others

mobile ad campaign across  Finance vertical
The chart compares the post-click campaign actions used by advertisers in the finance vertical,Among the top 3  user behavior  includes  1)site Search, 2)email subscription driving to mobile web or landing pages, was the most frequently used on the millennial media mobile ad platform 

March 20, 2015

After growing at 100% ,Indian digital ad spending set to grow by 30%

online advertising market in India, which is projected to grow at 30 per cent to touch Rs 3,575 crore by March 2015, a IAMAI-IMRB study today said.

digital spending set to pick up

online advertising market in India, which is projected to grow at 30 per cent to touch Rs 3,575 crore by March 2015, a IAMAI-IMRB study today said.

According to the study, the online advertising market has grown from Rs 1,140 crore in 2010-11 to Rs 2,260 crore in 2012-13 and was estimated to be worth Rs 2,750 crore in 2013-14.
 he online ad segment is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 25 per cent between FY'2011 to FY'2013.

The overall ad spend in the country across all media is Rs 38,598 crore as of 2013 with a year-on-year growth rate is 12 per cent, with television accounting for 44 per cent of the spend.

March 16, 2015

European Nations ranked by Online ad Spending per person

comparing total advertising spends vs online ad spends

 The chart shows The Internet ad spending per person in the Top 20 nations. The left chart shows online ad spending  per person, while the right shows  media  spends  per internet user

 An average Australian consumer  accounts  $209   for the total media spends in that nation That  means   on the average brands and marketers spends $209  as advertising spends  per  person .

The European nations have been highlighted in orange .Among European
 nations,  UK Norway and Denmark  are no 2, 3 and 5  respectively  spending  on an average $201, $191 and $163 as advertising cost person.Sweden :$118, Netherlands:$104 and Germany:$97 ranking 7th, 8th and 9th respectively

Meanwhile  the average spends on digital advertising is lead by Norway and  Sweden which ranks 1st and 4th , spending $582 and $404 respectively. UK ranks 7th,spending  $347 in digital advertising per  internet user 
The US ranks no 2 in digital spending per internet user with $540  while Australia tanks 3rd

February 6, 2015

Most Effective Device For Online advertising rated by Advertisers

advertiser preference on device

The chart shows how digital Advertising  media device has changed since 2013 vs  what device will play the most imp role in online advertising  in 2016

  •  Digital Advertising  according to advertisers who participated in this poll is moving from PC to Mobile and Tablets.Since 2013 advertisers feel the importance of Smartphone advertising has increased substantially ( 86% advertisers  in 2013 vs 98%  forecasted in 2016)
  • Importance of  TV as a device has shrunk by 7% according to digital marketing advertisers.
  • The importance of Tablet as most effective device has grown 18% with 81% acceptance from advertisers in 2013 to projected 99% acceptance in 2016
  • The  biggest choice of device has been the connected TV as 47% more advertisers are optimistic on this media ( projected  85% in 2016 compared to 2013 47%
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February 2, 2015

Spending on Internet Marketing and Online Shopping by Geographic Region

Multi Screen Usage and Online Ad Responsiveness in Europe

The Millward Brown Ad Reaction study

The presentation by Millard Brow provides  insights on consumer perceptions of advertising, particularly digital formats. It tries to answer questions on how has #multi screen devices affected consumer receptiveness to internet ads and how it has  impacted by different devices including smartphones, Tablets,Internet TV  including CTR ( click thro rates ). Reaction 2014 explores multiscreen advertising and and consumer behavior

Which Nation in Europe's Spends the Highest on Advertising

 Comparison of  offline vs online spends in Europe


The  chart shows  the media spends across west European countries Germany is set to see a healthy increase in online media spends. Though  the last five years has seen Germany media spends grow by merely 4%. In terms of spends, it remains the biggest spender on media advertisements  and by 2017  Germany 's  ad spends is projected to reach $27billion 
UK is the nesxt biggest spender  and saw its media budgets grow from $20.72 billion  to $23.38billion in 2014. A growth of 15% .. By 2017 media  spends on advertising is set to reach $26billion . In terms of biggest spending Western European nations , Germany ranks first, followed by UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Scandinavian countries Denmark   Sweden , Finland and Norway takes the bottom 4 positions

January 30, 2015

Spending on Digital advertising in France to exceed $3billion Marks,forms 20% media spends

Digital advertising vs Mobile advertising in France


Digital Advertising in France  is expected to pass the $3 billion mark this year and account for 20.2% of total media ad spend, compared to 14.7% on Mobile advertising eMarketer predicts an increase of 7.0% in 2014,

June 16, 2014

How Devices play a key role in UK Consumers Travel Decisions

Device  and online travel usage

Mobile is playing an increasingly important role in  daily lives of UK consumers according to a recent study commissioned by Expedia Media Solutions and conducted by comScore, is  to be believed

UK Travelers are are an active, mobile-savvy group that utilise multiple devices and sources of information throughout the travel cycle. Using insights from MMX Multi-Platform, the study found that two-thirds of UK Travel category visitors accessed content via mobile devices during January 2014, with Ground/Cruise (66%), Online Travel Agents (53%), and Hotels/Resorts (53%) leading among subcategories.

"Further analysis into device usage patterns revealed that both phone and tablet usage for Travel category visitation peaks at night between 8 p.m. and midnight, while PC Travel visitation peaks in the afternoon between noon and 5 p.m

December 14, 2013

Digital advertising Spends crosses $100 billion

eMarketer Worldwide Ad Spending Forecast - 2013 - 2016 from Catcha Digital

Worldwide digital ad spending topped $100 billion in 2012, making up nearly 20% of total advertising investments. Across the globe, digital ad spending is increasing faster than total media ad spending, making digital a key driver of total ad expenditures worldwide. Digital ad spending will continue to expand its share of total media ad spending through 2016. At that point, one in four advertising dollars will go towards online and mobile advertising.