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December 12, 2011

2011 Top Trending Topics at Twitter :

What the Trend
(now a HootSuite company) analyzed over 207,518 hashtags to identify the top trending topics of 2011. Along with the big list comes a handful of more focused categories including movies, TV shows and news events. They’ve whipped up the handy infographic below for your year-end reflection on the vox populi.

December 6, 2011

Retail and Telecom Tops US Online Ad Spends, in 2011

Retail advertisers  in US continue to represent the largest category of Internet ad spending,accounting for 23% in the first half of 2011, or $3.5 billion, up from 20% ($2.5 billion) reported in 2010.

Telecom companies accounted for 14% of 2011 first six-months revenues or $2.1 billion, up from the $1.7 billion (14% of total) reported in 2010.
Financial Services advertisers accounted for 13% in 2011 ($1.9 billion), up from the 12% ($1.5 billion) reported in 2010.
Automotive advertisers accounted for 11% in the first half of 2011 revenues, or $1.7 billion, up from the $1.3 billion (11% of total) reported in 2010.
Information Technology and Computing products advertisers represented 10% of revenues in  2011, or $1.5 billion, up from the $1.2 billion (10% of total) reported in 2010.

November 29, 2011

Android 's New Frontier, Asia To Grow 54%

ABI Research is predicting that  Android operating system could triple its numbers from 2010 and account for 54% of all smartphones shipment in 2011The Asia smartphone market itself will continue to grow significantly with  increase  by more than 40% to account for 24% of all mobile phone shipments in the region.

ABI’s data forecast is  is based on the foresight  that the growing telecom boom will see Asia’s total mobile subscription rate (including regular and smartphones) increase by more than 15%. 

The main benefactors of Android dominance would be Asian firms Samsung and HTC but a series of niche players in the low-cost market will also see increased demand, according to ABI. Micromax, Karbonn and G’Five are three budget device manufacturers across the Local Regional Markets in Asia.

November 24, 2011

The Social American Life : What Has Changed in 2011

Why Americans Use Social Media

Asia's New Digital Powerhouse is Indonesia

Nielsen in its report says that three out of four Indonesia's digital consumers gain access to the Internet through mobile phones. 

Nielsen’s recent study On Mobile and Digital users shows that 78 own mobile gadget to go online. In  Indonesia 38% out of the 78 percent own smartphones while the remaining 40 percent are not smartphone users. 

Nielsen also predicts that "In mid 2012, it is estimated that two third of Indonesia's digital consumers, or 67 percent of the market, own smartphones," 

Nokia dominates the smartphone market at 16 percent; BlackBerry, 8 percent; and Samsung, 3 percent. Nielsen believes Nokia will control 26 percent of smartphone market in Indonesia by 2012, while BlackBerry and Samsung will respectively control 22 percent and 10 percent of market.

source : Vivanews

November 23, 2011

Canada Ecommerce Tops $15 billion

Online shoppers in Canada last year spent C$15.30 billion (US$15.02 billion) on  Internet shopping, according to a report from Statistics Canada.The 2010 web spending figures for Canada represent 1.3% increase over the C$15.10 billion (US$14.82 billion) reported for 2009, 

The report was based on data  from 30,700 households and 22,623  consumers.

 Top 10 Insights On Canada Ecommerce
  •  51% of web users in Canada used the Internet to order products or services in 2010.
  • In terms of actual numbers Canadian consumers placed 114 million web orders; on average, consumers made 10 web orders during 2010, with an average total order value of $1,362 per consumer.

  • 83% of Shoppers in Canada  placed orders with e-commerce operators

  • 60% of respondents ordered via merchants and  affiliates  providers in the United States, while 18% placed orders with companies located in other countries.

  • 89% of the shoppers used credit cards to pay for online orders, while 31% used an online payment service. Consumers could give more than one answer to these questions.

  • 74%  Internet users in Canada shopped online, or researched information on goods or services, without necessarily placing an order

  • Users who did not shop online, 32% cited lack of interest, 26% said they liked to shop at stores, and 19% worried about online security

November 22, 2011

Shopping Card Abandonment Rate:Top 5 Trends

Shopping cart abandonment is a serious problem for online shopping.Andersen Consulting and Forrester Research both show shopping cart abandonment rates at 25 percent. eMarketer’s research shows the rate as 32 percent.NetEffect and Greenfeld Online report shopping cart abandonment as high as 67 percent. research goes as high as 75 percent.
According to  Baymard Institute,The average documented shopping cart rate of abandonment  is 65.06% 
·         Abandonment rate
·         55.00% according to Forrester Research & in 2010
·         63.68% according to Coremetrics / IBM in 2010
·         69.38% according to Fireclick / DigitalRiver in 2010
·         83.00% according to SeeWhy in 2009
·         62.14% according to MarketLive in 2009
·         71.00% according to Forrester Research in 2009
·         63.19% according to Coremetrics / IBM in 2009
·         62.01% according to Coremetrics / IBM in 2008
·         61.36% according to Coremetrics / IBM in 2007
·         59.80% according to MarketingSherpa in 2006


November 21, 2011

Mobile On its Way To Replace PC in SE Asia

Nielsen’s new "Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report"  on The Digital  Media Consumption shows how " The PC will soon be replaced by the web. In fact 4 out of 6 Countries in the region mobile devices equals or exceeds owner ship of PCs, either desktop or laptop.

The 6  ASEAN countries included (consumers in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines)
StatCounter Global Stats - SIngapore Mobile OS Market Share

  • Singaporeans led the region in online usage, spending more than a day (25 hours) online each week
  • Filipinos and Malaysians came close behind, spending 21.5 hours and 19.8 hours a week online, respectively. Indonesians trailed the region, spending an average of 14 hours per week.

  • While PCs continue to be the primary way to access the Internet, smartphones are on track to supplant them.In four of the six SE Asian  countries, mobile devices equals or exceeds owner ship of PCs, either desktop or laptop.
  • In Indonesia, for example, more than three-quarters (78%) of consumers owned Internet-capable mobile phones compared to just 29 percent who owned notebook computers or 31 percent with desktops.

Online Video Advertising To grow 220% To Reach $7.1billion

The online advertising industry  is betting on the  Online Video  as the next big media which  is headed to grow exponentially from 2012 onwards . According to eMarketer,The online Video  is  the fastest-growing digital ad format. eMarketer expects online video ad spending to reach $2.2 billion by  the end of 2011 , up 52.1% from 2010. By 2015, it will account for $7.1 billion in online ad spending. This represents a growth of over  222% ..

More than three-quarters of US online publishers expect online video advertisinging some form and expected to  be aamong the  top 5 revenue generator for 2012.Most publishers (63%) are betting on in-stream video ads, such as pre-roll or mid-roll units, to generate the most revenue. Nine percent said in-banner video would bring in the most ad dollars.

State of Digital Landscape in France

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

1)There were 45,262,000 internet users in France (representing 69.5% of the population) in June 2011, according to (Internet world Stats, August 2011)  

2)Of Europe's 372 million unique visitors, France accounted for 42.4 million unique visitors during August 2011.This represents 11% of Europe
3)Users in France spent an average of 24.7 hours online in the past month, consuming 2,484 pages online. (comScore, October 2011)  

4)40.8 million people will use the internet in France by 2013, according to eMarketer. This would be up from 37 million in 2009.  

Projected Growth in Internet users in France 2008-2013:

  1. 2008: 35.2 million
  2. 2009: 37.0 million
  3. 2010: 38.2 million
  4. 2011: 39.1 million
  5. 2012: 40.0 million
  6. 2013: 40.8 million
Total  internet users in France  is expected to  increase  from 35 million, in 2008 to 41 million in 2013, which is an 87% increase in 5 years. This makes France one of the biggest online nations in Europe