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April 20, 2011

Internet Usage : USA Vs China

Top search engine

Google never really managed to land the number one spot in China, and now, with Google having largely stepped back from that market, that will remain the case for the foreseeable future.
  • United States: Google
  • China: Baidu

Top websites

The top websites in the United States are all very familiar to the vast majority of the Internet users in the world. It’s not until you look at the top sites for China that you realize that there are huge Chinese counterparts that are not necessarily big anywhere but in China

Top 5 websites in the United States:
Top 5 websites in China:
  1. (search engine)
  2. (online community)
  3. (web portal)
  4. (“China’s eBay”)
  5. (Google Hong Kong)
  Top web browsers
China still has a huge amount of Internet users accessing the Internet with the dinosaur IE 6, which can be a bit confusing when you consider that there are so many free alternatives available (newer versions of IE, Firefox or Chrome, for example). 

Top 5 web browsers in the United States:
  1. Internet Explorer, 47.5%
  2. Firefox, 25.5%
  3. Chrome, 14.6%
  4. Safari, 11.2%
  5. Opera, 0.6%
Top 5 web browsers in China:
  1. Internet Explorer, 87.4%
  2. Chrome, 4.4%
  3. Maxthon, 3.8%
  4. Firefox, 3.3%
  5. Safari, 0.6%
Top web browser version:
  • United States: Internet Explorer 8.0, 33.9%
  • China: Internet Explorer 6.0, 41.1%

    source: Royal Pingdom

April 16, 2011

Victoria Secret Among The Top 10 Most Liked Retail Brand


That Facebook has more  female users than men is evident from the fact that  " Victoria’s Secret and its Pink brand for young women have been voted as the biggest Retail Brands  . The two were the most Liked retail brands on Facebook in March with 12.1 million and 8.4 million followers, respectively, according to the ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index.

The index tracks the number of Likes gained by each of more than 500 brands at the end of each month.
Here are the 10 most Liked retail brands on Facebook, with the number of Likes at the end of March, and the month-over-month percentage increase:

• Victoria’s Secret, 12.1 million, 4%

• Victoria’s Secret Pink brand, 8.4 million, 5%

• Adidas Originals, 8.2 million, 15%

• Lacoste, 5.2 million, 11%

Burberry, 5.1 million, 20%

• WWE, 4.9 million, 9%

•Hollister Co., 4.6 million, 6%

• Wal-Mart, 4.5 million, 23%

Forever 21, 4.2 million, 3%

Abercrombie & Fitch, 4.1 million, 7%

It’s hard to say what Likes on Facebook are worth to a retailer, Does the likeability of a brand on facebook reflects a users perception ? or is it motivated by " social Fad" factor.( since my friend liked it .. i must too. 

However,  the consensus among " digital Marketers" are that  a " Like in Facebook" is a sign of approval from consumers" and though  it might not directly lead to sales.. but it works as a brand building campaign along with direct  and channel marketing.

Adidas  is the 3rd most liked retail brand and added 1.1 million new followers,  mainly due  to its offering a slew of original content on its Facebook page and using celebrity endorsers such as Katy Perry. Adidas is No. 186 in the Top 500 Guide.