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February 19, 2013

5 Years of The Mobile Internet : What The Future Portends

This multimedia presentation co-authored by KPCB partners Matt Murphy and Mary Meeker outlines and analyzes the top 10 trends defining the current worldwide mobile Internet industry. A compelling blend of market data and meaningful insights, the presentation takes a close look at the dramatic shifts and powerful factors changing the face of mobile computing as platforms like the iPhone and Android hit critical mass. Matt and Mary pinpoint today’s most influential trends, from the phenomenal ramp-up of social networking, to the huge promise of mobile advertising, to the revolution in mobile commerce

June 22, 2011

Top 10 Nations Having More than 50% Global Internet Users

Top 10 Countries by the Internet Users | WebHostingGeeks Infographics
 The List of Countries across the world who makes up for more than 50% of online users. This chart also depicts the Browsers use .Source: Web Hosting Geeks

May 3, 2011

Osama's Death and Social Media Impact : Infographic

All the above charts shows how the news about Osama Bid Laden 's killing by US troops spread via Social Media .According to  social media monitoring and analytics platform, Sysomos the  first saw tweets about Bin Laden’s death start sometime around 10:30pm(EST). At first no one was sure if this was true or just an internet hoax that was taking off, but by about 10:45pm(EST) most of the TV channels had switched to some sort of coverage about it

In less than 12 hours since the tweeting began there was  almost 40,000 blog post and news articles and an astounding 2.2 million tweets all talking about Osama Bin Laden. As well, while no surprise that people in the US were talking the most about this event a look at our geo-location map shows us that people all over the world were tweeting about the news.

Sheldon Levine  of Sysomos  shares her findings on the social media  Buzz on Laden's Death

Some other interesting things that I noticed was that people were making jokes about Foursquare leading to the finding of Bin Laden. As time went on, people started started using Foursquare to check into places associated with the death of Bin Laden. Some people were checking in to the location where Bin Laden was found, while others were checking in to a “Post Osama Bin Laden World”.

There were also an interesting Gender Analysis  done by Sysomos Analytics which showed  Males outnumbers women by almost 6.3.

April 26, 2011

US Internet Consumption Trends :Top 50 Web Properties

The Top Gaining Properties

The Top Gaining Industry Vertical  Categories ( Travel and Car Rentals)

Americans frequented travel sites in March, putting several of the travel subcategories among the top gainers. Travel Information sites attracted more than 61.4 million visitors, up 10 percent from the prior month. TravelAdNetwork took the top spot with 19.9 million visitors (up 8 percent), followed by Yahoo! Travel with 12.6 million (up 22 percent), Tripadvisor Sites with 10.0 million (up 14 percent) and AOL Travel with 6.5 million (up 63 percent).

Car Rental sites grew 9 percent to 6.0 million unique visitors in March, with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company taking the #1 spot with 3.3 million visitors (up 9 percent) and Avis Budget Group with 1.8 million (up 4 percent). Hertz came in third with 979,000 visitors, followed by Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc. with 968,000 (up 19 percent) and with 934,000 (up 31 percent).

The  Green category drew nearly 20 million visitors during the month, up 11 percent versus February to rank as the top gaining category. Planet Green Sites topped the category with nearly 2.9 million visitors, representing a 24-percent increase from the prior month. came in second with 1.9 million visitors, followed by Shine Green with 1.7 million and Mother Nature Network with 1.5 million (up 3 percent). Matter Network grew 37 percent to 985,000 visitors, while saw 870,000 and reached 833,000 (up 17 percent).

Comscore Top 50 Properties
Yahoo! Sites ranked as the #1 property in March with 179.5 million visitors, followed by Google Sites with 176.8 million and Microsoft Sites with 176.4 million. Sites new to the top 50 in March included (#41), Time Warner (#49) and BuzzMedia (#50).

Top 50 Ad Focus Ranking
Google Ad Network led the March Ad Focus ranking with a reach of 91.7 percent of Americans online, followed by Yahoo! Sites (844 percent), Yahoo! Network Plus (83.9 percent) and AOL Advertising (83.8 percent)

source : Comscore data