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November 3, 2016

data-driven marketing and creating compelling content remain the topmost focus for digital marketers


March 15, 2015

Global Ad spends across EU and N America to decline , Asia pacific to account for 29% global spends

Global Ad spends across Europe and N America to decline , Asia pacific to account for 29% global spends

The two charts compare  global  media spending  by worldwide  regions 2013 vs 2017 BY 2017  media spends in  North American regions would form 34% of the total media spends worldwide 

The above chart shows the global media ad spending by Geography.  North American markets  would  continue to lead the world in terms of media ad spending by 2017  followed by Asia Pacific and Western Europe in 2017

While North America  would see a decline of 1.2% by  2017  and account for  34.4%  spends   Western Europe is set to witness a decline of 2% ,which will form 19.3%  global media spends . Contrast that to "Asia Pacific " which is set to grow 2% and  make up 29% global  Ad Spends .

August 20, 2014

Google IPO Debut :Completes a Decade and Counting

Google IPO Debut :  A decade and Counting :
Google IPO completes 10 years

According to For Google this week had been an historic one has this 18th August, 2014 had been 10 years since Google debuted its IPO.  While Google has seen  many ups and downs, and at that time no none could have thought " Google would be powering their smartphones via the Mobile OS Android.. But the fact remains that 10 years in an technology industry , Google has mellowed ,made money, and made a lot of enemies ( Microsoft, Apple )
However there has been many anecdotes and behind the scenes on the run up to the IPO..which have been republished
  1.  The value of the shares Google decided to offer was a nerdy little joke: $2,718,281,828 - the first nine decimal places in the irrational number e.t -. 
  2. Google decided that its S-1, a required document that lays out a company's financials and risks and is usually written in legalese, would be written simply and intimately. "Google is not a conventional company," cofounder Larry Page started the letter. "We do not intend to become one. 
  3. A day after the IPO On August 19, 2004 the number of shares outstanding was 172.85 million while the "free float" was 19.60 million (which makes 89% held by insiders)
  4. Cofounder Sergey Brin didn't even show up for the ringing of the bell on the day of the IPO because he didn't want to take a red-eye flight. 
  5. Larry Page showed up wearing a suit he bought at Macy'sGoogle IPO Debut : A decade and Counting

June 9, 2014

Europe's Digital Data Explosion Compared by Region : Western Europe vs Eastern Europe

According to the latest  European GSM  Mobile Economy, Europe 's data explosion map the growth in mobile data in Europe. Western Europe compared with Eastern and central Europe 

Digital data growth: Smartphone vs Tablets

May 20, 2014

Comparing the Digital Advertising Market Size : Australia vs New Zealand vs UK

The above report from IAB ,summarises comparing the markets in AU, NZ, UK and US from their respective IAB PwC Online Advertising Expenditure Reports. See how Australia compares with the rest of the work in Mobile, Video and Top Advertising Categories.

April 30, 2014

40% of online purchases done by tablets and smartphones has been through e-coupons, daily deals

According to the recent BIA/Kelsey Local Commerce Monitor  in their recent survey report on enablers that lead to increase in  online shopping  and how much impact does  a device play in the entire consumer life cycle across the digital medium
  • Devices. When going online for local shopping (to purchase or research local merchandise or services), 60.0 percent of consumers use laptop computers, 57.1 percent use desktops, 37.1 percent use smartphones and 19.4 percent use tablets.
  • Promotions and deals. About one-quarter (26.0 percent) of consumer local purchases in the last six months—in-person and online—were made through promotions or sales (such as discount deals, daily deals, coupons or similar discount offers).
  • Loyalty programs. Consumers report that they’re on a customer list (that includes contact information) of almost nine local businesses (8.8 on average).
  • Mobile apps. Consumers who own a smartphone or tablet report using 3.4 mobile apps on average for local shopping “on a regular basis.” These include apps like Yelp, OpenTable, ShopLocal and others.

February 3, 2014

November 6, 2013

Global Digital Budgets exceeds 10% of Ad budgets, 80% US brands to use Mobile Marketing

digital marketing

Digital marketing now represents approximately a quarter of an organization's total marketing spending. The technology research company predicts that spending on customer relationship management software will exceed $14 billion in 2013, an increase of 7.5%. 

 Gartner analyst Adam Sarner says the growth of digital marketing mirrors the shift to a booming digital marketplace. Techniques such as inbound, real-time, and data-driven marketing are helping companies generate revenue faster. This statistic shows the percentage of overall marketing budget that company marketers reported spending on digital marketing worldwide for the years 2011 through 2013. According to Econsultancy, 25 percent of respondents reported having spent between one and ten percent of their marketing budget on digital marketing in 2013.

October 3, 2013

Photo Sharing Acquisitions and Mergers : The 10 Most expensive List

Ranking of the most expensive photo-sharing acquisitions as of 2012
 This chart from  Statista shows "The Most expensive Acquisitions and Mergers for photo sharing websites  in the last 15 years

The No 1 on the list is of  Facebook taking over from " Instagram" During the tenure  1999  to 2012 On April 9, 2012, Facebook announced its impending acquisition of Instagram, a free photo-sharing app, for approximately 1 billion U.S. dollars in cash and stock, making it the most expensive exit of a photo-sharing website ever. The second-most expensive photo-website sale was News Corp's 2007 purchase of Photobucket.

September 3, 2013

Is the Chinese Growth Story Over ? Garter predicts 7% decline in IT spends this year

Gartner 2013  latest research shows that the "Chinese growth Story" continues as  the technology  Cycle for ICT in China services  is expected to show higher Growth

According to Gartner, IT spending by Chinese end users (consumers and enterprises) grew by nearly 14 percent in 2012, and forecasts that spending growth will slow to 7.3 percent this year. Gartner expects IT spending in China to grow from US$301 billion in 2012 to $323 billion in 2013, offering substantial opportunities to technology and service providers.

The key drivers for ICT ( information, Communication and Technology) over the next Decade includes 1)Mobile data services,
2) external controller-based storage systems
3) business IT services and enterprise application software will all contribute to healthy growth in information technology (IT) in China, according to the new “2013 Hype Cycle for ICT in China” 

July 4, 2013

June 22, 2013

June 17, 2013

American Startups and Location :What Kickstarter Tells Us About Invention In US

Businessinsider   just posted a chart on  the US Startups and their Geographical Location.
In the  MAP OF THE DAY: What Kickstarter Tells Us About Invention In The United States - Business Insider: "There's an outstanding new paper out on NBER today by Ajay Agrawal, Christian Catalini and Avi Goldfarb that looks at the simple economics of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, where people post project ideas that they hope to get funded from the masses."

Among the top 4 Data and Findings reveal
California and New York dominate Technology funding
Minnesota is also a hub of tech funding, and Texas has kickstarted games. 
Massachusetts is evidently a hub of fashion
Tennessee has a lot of musicians looking for startup funding.
North Carolina is the place where “ Food Business” is strong

April 28, 2013

The Highest Paid Industries in United States :Top 10 List

Top 10 Highest-wage Industries : Media Center: " IBISWorld has identified 10 industries across the finance, healthcare and tech sectors that need highly educated and skilled workers whose jobs require years of training and sophisticated skills – and who command six-figure salaries as a result.

Though deeply affected by the credit crunch and global recession of the late 2000s, the financial sector remains an essential component of business activity in the United States

Similarly, workers in the Portfolio Management industry commands the 2nd most highly paid jobs with average salaries of  $188,829 on average in 2013.

Third most well paid job lies with Healthcare   The Robotic Surgery Equipment Manufacturing industry (IBISWorld report OD4074) has tripled in size since 2008, and the high demand for industry products has yielded high compensation for the engineers that design them. The average industry worker makes $168,955 per year, a salary that has almost doubled since 2008 with growth of 96.4%.

December 23, 2012

December 1, 2012

Consumer Spending during Holidays sees Mobile sales exceed 16%

IBM 2012 Holiday Benchmark Reports - United States: Highlights from Black Friday 2012:

Consumer Spending Increases:Online sales on Thanksgiving grew by 17.4 percent followed by Black Friday where sales increased 20.7 percent over last year.

Mobile Shopping: Mobile purchases soared with 24 percent of consumers using a mobile device to visit a retailer's site, up from 14.3 percent in 2011. and mobile sales exceeded 16 percent, up from 9.8 percent in 2011.

Tablet Shopping Goes Mainstream with iPad:The iPad generated more traffic than any other tablet or smart phone, reaching nearly 10 percent of online shopping. 

This was followed by iPhone at 8.7 percent and Android 5.5 percent. The iPad dominated tablet traffic at 88.3 percent followed by the Barnes and Noble Nook at 3.1 percent, Amazon Kindle at 2.4 percent and the Samsung Galaxy at 1.8 percent.

Multiscreen Shopping: Consumers shopped in store, online and on mobile devices simultaneously to get the best bargains. Overall 58 percent of consumers used smartphones compared to 41 percent who used tablets to surf for bargains on Black Friday.

November 11, 2012