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December 14, 2015

india and china to account for 40% tech graduates by 2020 , US & EU to face severe tech manpower shortage

Latest data from OECD  studies the state of technology manpower looking at higher education engineering graduates between the ages of 25 and 34 across  OECD and G20  member countries – 42 countries in total.The report shows  that   skilled manpower across the technology sector has been shrinking rapidly from EU and the United states
India and China have reduced the share of tertiary graduates from Europe, Japan and the United States in the global talent pool.

"china and India to account for 45% engineering graduates"

 Engineering Graduates break up by country : 2010

"EU and US  engineering graduates to see a dramatic dip, as india and china takes the lead"

 Engineering Graduates break up by country : 2020

China and India will account for 40% of all young  technology graduates  by 2020, while US and EU will face shortage of skilled technical manpower.The above charts show the difference in Fresh engineering  graduates : compared between 2010 and 2020
  1. China will produce 29% of all higher education graduates aged 25-34 (up from 18% in 2010); India, will account for  12% technology graduates  by 2020
  2. The number of engineering graduates in US will account for just 11%, by 2020( (down from 14% in 2010);)
  3. EU and  United States combined  will account for just 25% technology graduates  
  4.  UK’s share should increase from 3% in 2010 to 4% in 2020; 
  5. By 2020, 6% of young  engineering graduates will be from Indonesia

July 10, 2015

list of 5 websites which formed the most tweeted links in June

" top 10  most tweeted links and their referral
News and Media websites were among the top 10  sources , which saw the highest number  of tweets which the highest tweeter links were directed rwere  the top  10 online publishers/site owners   which formed  the source for  highest number of tweets

  • BBC, Nytimes, Mashable made for the top 3 news websites  with highest number of tweets coming from these 3 sites

  • The Guardian , NBC, Huffington post and  CNN made  up the middle 4 web  publishers  with the 2nd highest number of originating links 

  • While Forbes Buzz feed and  the Independent made up the bottom three

July 3, 2015

educational institute content mapping grid

" the content mapping grid for education industry"


 The 2 axis represents   two distinct positioning platform " 1) to educate and inspire and  2)awareness to purchase 

Lets start with the  bottom 2 quadrants  which show the "demand side  of marketing mix " examples of these are 1) market reports, 2)press releases 3)articles,  4)news, 5)blogs, social  7)news & ereviews, 8) trend reports

 These are the most important data points   which will be  consumed  and driven by the student community and their parents, covered across local media   where existing local  captive students would serve as  a  b2b marketing  channels., student academia bodies / student community, /industry bodies, academic research institutes, and other government bodies / state/ government  human resource or education secretaries  

 The top quadrant shows the supply side  mix which consists of    promotional  and marketing lobbies whose job is to convert the " demand generated from the above activities.

 This market  includes the " funding or Equity investor , or   the sponsors, investors or the board. It can be an  individual or a group  and at that point who ever is looking for a bigger pie  in the control of stakes.Now when the "supply side" has been feed enough of information " on what he needs to do .. hes ready to  rock and run  

February 28, 2013

How Itunes U might Replace Academic Books in Classrom

Apple 's entry into the Higher Education Space was an Interesting one , and might  pave the way for Digital eLearning  and enure immense reach.In the last academic year, students spent more than $5 billion on textbooks. The iPad is a substitute for textbooks. And as more and more of those pricey textbooks are available on the iPad – for much less money than the paper version – students will see a huge reduction in the amount of money they have to spend on those textbooks.
While the iTunes U app provides access to the content that’s available in the iTunes U section of the iTunes Store, it also offers a means for teacher and student interaction. The opening interface looks a lot like Apple’s iBooks app, with a bookshelf that hosts icons representing your courses. Tap on a course, and you’ll see a list of topics on the left, such as Overview, Instructor, and OutlineTeachers can post a syllabus, notes, and assignments to the class, and students receive notifications when new posts are available.
. More than 600 universities, plus other cultural institutions like the New York Public Library, MoMA, and PBS stations are on iTunes U. Teachers can distribute course materials through iTunes U as well, using ePub and PDF file formats.