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April 2, 2011

Tablets Sales To Grow 400% To reach 81 Million in 2012


"tablet sales worldwide"

Driven by the unprecedented success of Apple's iPad, media tablets continue to drive major demand and a momentum that is likely to accelerate this year, with ."The worldwide media tablet market grew 45.1% in the third quarter with Global  tablet  shipments increase to 2.7 million units  with the U.S. representing nearly three-quarters of the worldwide ereader market. 

 By 2014  more than 46 million media tablets are expected to be sold,according to Worldwide and U.S. Media Tablet 2010-2014 Forecast" released by IDC.However eMarketer estimates that more than 81.3 million tablets will be sold in 2012, up from the estimated 15.7 million units sold worldwide in 2010. According to Garter Research,Tablet sales will reach 54.8 million units by the end of 2011 and surpass 208 million by 2014, Gartner said.

 Although there might be differences in numbers from these research.., The  most important trend that is " Tablet Adoption is growing at  unprecedented rates" eMarketer estimates that the iPad currently represents 85% of tablet sales in 2010,  and it predicts that  Apple’s marketshare will dip in the coming 24 months, it will continue to lead the category.

 Growth in 2011 and beyond will be driven by device vendors introducing media tablets based on Android and other operating systems, as well as price and feature competition and strong demand in both the consumer and commercial segments. The US is  the largest Tablet marking and IDC estimates US alone would make about 40% of this market.Demand for media tablets will be hugely fueled by the amount and variety of third-party apps that give users the content and services they crave, noted IDC.

"tablet sales across the globe"The  Launch of Apple iPad  played a huge role in  driving "Consumer Adoption" of Tablet.IDC's definition of a media tablet is one that sports a 7-inch to 12-inch display, is powered by an ARM processor, and runs a lighter operating system such as Apple's iPhone OS or Google's Android. Such tablets don't offer built-in hardware keyboards but instead ask you to use a stylus or your finger to navigate. 

eMarketer estimates that 62% of tablet sales in 2010 are from the U.S. By 2012, that share is expected to drop to 50%.