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January 11, 2016

30 years of start ups that led job creation: 1985 to 2015

The above chart show the percentage of new jobs created by start up companies in US. since 1980 onwards. Apparently 1986 saw the highest percentage of jobs created by start up companies in the last 35 years ith start ups creating 3% of total US jobs . In 2013 the lowest percentage of jobs ( 2%) were created by start ups. This data is provided by US census

January 10, 2016

start ups contribution to job creation : top 5 US states

which US states lead job creation by start ups:
The above chart shows which US states has  benefited by start ups in terms of job creation .With the Silicon valley and western US  has seen the highest job creation, which has been powered by start ups with upwards of 2%
However  a majority of states in the midwest region has seen below average job creation rates by start ups. The chart by US Census shows the US states and the job creation percentage across each US state

January 8, 2016

US average hourly earnings by ethnicity and race :

EMIRATES, DELTA AND  UNITED  are among the worlds most valuable Airlines brand with a combined brand value of over$17.5 billion .The number one airlines brand with a highest brand value is EMIRATES.Emirates  continues to lead the sector with a 21% rise in brand value to US$6.6 billion. Formula 1, the French Open and most importantly football teams from PSG to Real Madrid and Arsenal to AC Milan all display the Emirates logo.

"US job generation wage per hour"

"US average hourly earnings by race : white vs blacks vs hispanic vs asian"

The above data compared the average hourly wages vs average weekly wages   from 2007 onwards. The next chart shows US  unemployment and earnings by race, which compares Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and Asian in the similar duration. Unemployment among blacks has come down from 16% in  2011 to 8% in 2015.Among Hispanics from 12% to 8%

March 17, 2012

2012 Global Employment Opportunities: India and Brazil leads

MORE employers expect to hire than fire over the next three months, according to Manpower’s Global Employment Outlook, a quarterly survey of over 65,000 employers across 41 countries. The net employment outlook—the balance of employers expecting an increase in the size of their workforce over those expecting a decrease—is positive in 32 of the economies surveyed. 

As  the economist chart shows, hiring expectations have dropped in many places over the past year. However compared with the previous quarter, hiring optimism has strengthened or stayed the same in most labour markets. 

Employment hopes are highest in India and Brazil, driven by the services sector: nearly 6 out of 10 Indian employers in the service sector plan to expand their workforces before the end of June. In China, under pressure to improve salaries and working conditions, companies are not hiring as aggressively as they have in the past. Job prospects in the United States remain weaker than before the recession, but the outlook is the most optimistic it has been since the last quarter of 2008. Unsurprisingly, Greek employers remain gloomy, although fewer expect to be making further redundancies in the second quarter.