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January 12, 2016

10 fastest growing products category start ups with highest return

" verticals with the fastest annualized growth across start ups"

List of start up  services with highest return on investment 

The above chart shows the product categories which has seen the highest  growth and return on investment by VC funds and equity investment .Among the list of start ups,products related to  Bitcoin, Photo Sharing and cloud has seen the highest annualized growth since 2012-2016. Bitcoin has seen its annualized growth jump to 151% compared to 150% across Photo sharing and 145% across cloud storage Space Travel, Transportation and Hospitality are other areas which" are among the fastest growing top 10 services vertical

November 6, 2015

with 2.2billion USD invested by VC and PE firms, Berlin pips London as Europe's hottest start up hotspot,

In 2014, for the first time ever, Berlin was Europe's  latest start up hotspot.Berlin start-ups attracted more venture capital funding than  London: VC & PE firms pumped in funds  worth 2.2 billion USD in Berlin compared to 1.5 billion USD in London and is now the top city for venture capital investment in Europe. 

"Berlin overtakes London as the latest start up hotspot"

During the first 6 months  of 2015, this trend continued with Berlin attracting funding upto  1.4 billion euros compared to 1.1 billion euros in London. (source )

Newer startups and existing Unicorn's are playing a huge role in ensuring Berlin's latest start up culture  is alive and kicking . The fact that " Berlin is among the radar screen of VC funding and PE firms" has to do with the fact internet companies and start up like  Zalando and Rocket Internet are not only thriving but also has started mentoring start ups to succeed by investing in promising business ideas.

Berlin’s digital economy alone employs about 60,000 people with one in eight jobs being created in the digital economy since 2008  and approximately 500 new digital technology companies are set up annually.Most startups are located in the former East Berlin across  the central district of Mitte, not too far from the main boulevard "Torstrasse," often referred to as "Silicon Allee."

 The latest  start up that's creating buzz across the world  after Berlin based " Soundcloud "is EyeEm, online community and marketplace for photographers, formed in Berlin. 
Unlike other  European technology market  where startup scenes are normally focused around one growth area like gaming apps in Helsinki, Finland  which is home to Nokia as well.However
 Berlin is more across the board, with a touch of emphasis on e-commerce,cloud based SaaS model, Gaming, Mobile Apps as well as b2b marketplace  

Berlin's emergence as start up hotspot is  largely led by  four companies: Zalando/Rocket Internet Project A and Soundcloud , as well as established delivery services like Delivery Hero, Lieferheld and Increasingly  Companies are beginning to notice this  trying to make berlin a hub of their digital ecosystem . Here are some examples
  • Recently Cisco has chosen to locate its “Internet of Everything” innovation center in Berlin.
  • Lufthansa launched its  “Innovation Hub”the Telekom with their T-Labs  in Berlin
  • Volkswagen  with the International Creative Lab etc., are based in Berlin to be closer to the start-up and digital technology scene.

"latest start up jobs in Berlin"

Berlin's hottest start ups

Among other notable technology start ups in Berlin  

  • Includes brands4friends - dawanda - 
  • DailyDeal - DigitaleSeiten - eDarling - 
  • Groupon (CityDeal) - 
  • hiogi - imedo - 
  • KaeuferPortal - 
  • Madvertise -
  •  mirapodo -
  •  MisterSpex - moviepilot - 
  • MyHammer - 
  • MySportBrands - 
  • SoundCloud - 
  • SponsorPay - 
  • studiVZ - 
  • Webtrekk - 
  • wooga -
  •  zalando

August 26, 2015

top 20 start ups funded by Fidelity investment


The above list prepared and verified by Crunchbase shows the list of total VC funded start ups where Fidelity investments has a stake . From Airbnb, Pinterest, Snapchat , Uber and Hootsuite it is also present across medical and Biotech start ups like  Pax labs and Blue Apron

 Fidelity Investment  has  earlier been known for funding  many unrelated businesses, including a luxury hotel and Veritude, a temporary employment agency.. Fidelity has also strategically invested in the telecom/managed services/data center industries, having incubated COLT Telecom Group in Europe, MetroRED in South America, and KVH in Japan. (Since 2008, all MetroRED ownership has been completely divested.)Meanwhile Fidelity ventures Fidelity Ventures is its venture capital arm. Fidelity International Limited (FIL), was an affiliate founded in 1969, serving international markets and the rest of the world;

July 26, 2015

how startups fund their business : top 5 source of funding

" top 5 ways of funding a start up"
What are the most common methods of raising fund for a start up ? How many actually get funding from a equity firm or Venture investors? How many of them actually self sponsor? and how many use home loan or credit card loan.

Believe it or not, around 60% of  start ups businesses use their lifetime saving s from their bank . Investment by venture capital accounts for only 0.04% of  new businesses ,while a huge 10% actually use their personal credit card with astronomical  rate of interest for starting their venture. Infact business loan from Government   rank higher , in the 5th place .Home equity loan and  credit card forms 15% of  " how start ups invests in their business

source : U.S. Census Bureau Research Date: March 23rd, 2015
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July 13, 2015

list of 25 startups venture capital firms which now have valuation of over $1 billion

l"ist of 25  startups venture capital firms which now have valuation of over  $1 billion"

Early state Start Up Venture Funds which are now valued atlas a billion USD

May 31, 2015