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April 19, 2012

Intel's Ultrabook sales to exceed 25 Million, as 2G version ready for launch

Intel estimates that 20 to 30 million ultrabook units are expected to be  shipped this year.
News from Digitimes revelas that intel plans to substantially beef up its ultrabook shipments  and internaly expect the new sleeker  gadget to jump up by "double or even triple" in 2013.

The report noted that the second generation of ultrabook will launch "after May 2012" and combination tablet/ultrabooks will arrive in the fourth quarter alongside the release of Microsoft's Windows 8.

Intel is also said to be looking into technologies that could help spur ultrabook adoption. Reinforced plastic chassis and ultra-thin optical disk drives were specifically mentioned by the report as components that the company is cooperating with upstream makers on.

At a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show, an Intel Manager stated that market analysis revealed that screen size motivated some of the reluctance to switch to 13" Ultrabooks. As a result, Intel is planning to ensure, through cooperation with manufacturers, a 14 or 15-inch screen on 50% of the 75 Ultrabooks that will likely come to market in 2012.

Intel put forth the ultrabook design specification last May as an alternative to the MacBook Air and iPad. For its part, the Mac maker is expected to releasea thinner and light design of its 15-inch MacBook Pro within weeks that could threaten sales of high-end ultrabooks

May 17, 2011

eReader Shipments To reach 27 million units by 2011

Forrester found that consumers value e-readers at “shockingly low” prices between $50 and $99. As of then, the analyst firm thought that there was a “substantial” market for e-readers, but only if prices plummeted.(source )

But “then” was before the iPad. Apple’s (AAPL) device has shown how strong tablet sales could be. A tablet can already act as an e-reader, and then provide a touch interface for annotation, to say nothing of more general communications and web surfing.
Demand for e-book readers remained strong in first-quarter 2011, with global shipments soaring 236% on year to 4.8 million units. Digitimes Research believes global e-book reader shipments will reach 27 million units in 2011.

Among the brand-name vendors, Amazon will continue to be the market leader with an 60% share of global shipments in 2011. Barnes & Noble may hold on to second place, but its gap with third-place Sony will narrow.

North America will remain the biggest market for e-book readers, accounting for 72% of global shipments, but growth in the area is slowing down. E-book reader vendors are now aggresively expanding their presence in the Europe market, which is registering higher-than-average growths.

Monotone e-book readers will remain the mainstream in the next three years, during which no breakthrough in developing color devices can be expected. Global e-book reader shipments will reach 63 million units by2014.