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February 22, 2012

How Facebook Earns its Revenue: Advertisements Vs Payments


Facebook's ad revenue may not be growing fast enough to justify a $100 billion valuation. But ads are not the company's only source of revenue.Payments are becoming a big deal as well.
Last summer, Facebook started charging companies like Zynga 30 percent of each transaction — like purchasing a virtual good like a cow. (That's a big reason why Zynga accounts for 12 percent of Facebook's revenue, alhough that figure includes advertising as well.)
So although payments started as a tiny sliver of Facebook's overall revenue, now it's up to about 17 percent of the total.
As companies start to sell other kinds of goods through Facebook, like concert tickets, this percentage could grow

February 18, 2012

Facebook Marketing and Sales Costs grow 132%, Tops $427 million

 Facebook spent $427 million on marketing and sales in 2011, up from $184 million the year before.That growth rate suggests its sales and marketing will easily blow past the half a billion dollars mark in 2012.In 2011 it saw a 46 percent increase in the number of employees in global sales, business development, and customer service

Facebook advertising in US ,lower than Indonesia,Mexico and Netherlands

Facebook sells about $1 billion of advertising every quarter and it's still growing, putting it on course to sell perhaps $5 billion or more in ads in 2012. Nanigans, a company that offers Facebook ad campaign management, ranked the world's countries on the cost-per-click of targeting the people who live there. The data is drawn from 175 billion impressions managed by Nanigans in 2011.The data shows that  reaching US users at Facebook , is  lower that reaching Chinese, dutch,Egyptian
and indonesian users, due to lower cost per click.

February 1, 2012

Facebook Penetration Highest in Latin America, reaches 55% global web Users

Facebook’s reach amongst the total internet audience has continued to increase over the past five years across all regions. Comscore data , shows that Globally, Facebook reached 12 percent of the internet audience in December 2007 and as of December 2011 the social network reached over half of the internet audience, 55 percent (43 percentage point rise). As of December 2011, the region where Facebook has the highest penetration was Latin America with 84.1 percent of the total internet audience going on Facebook compared to 6.4 percent in December 2007. Facebook’s reach was the lowest in Asia Pacific, reaching 25.3 percent of the internet audience in December 2011, but it is the largest market when looking at unique visitors.

August 23, 2011

Social Media In India:Latest 2011 Numbers

India is among the top 5 Fastest Growing Countries On Facebook. This Infographic shows the top 5 Brands and Media on Facebook. Bangalore Airport is among the top 5   Most Checked in Places ( source :  Social Bakers Data)

June 14, 2011