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May 30, 2011

Facebook Closing in To 700 Million Users: Brazil Grows by 11%

Facebook has the largest collection of photos on the web, and according to a recent analysis, about 10% of them are profile photos.
Photo discovery app Pixable analyzed about 500,000 of its users’ profiles to come up with some statistics about the photos we choose to represent ourselves.

Facebook is still on the rise, and as we're seeing the latest progress, number of its total users is closing in to 700 million users.
So which countries contributed to this rise the most in the last month?
Top growing country in the last month was Brazil with more than 1,9 million of new users on Facebook. This is a huge growth of more than 11 %! Following top growing countries on Facebook in the last month were: Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico and Argentina. India, Colombia, Egypt and Turkey.

May 14, 2011

Top 5 Fastest Growing Middle East Countries On Facebook :

Turkey Is the  Number One Fastest Growing Country

Egypt is the Second Fastest Growing Country in  Middle East ( data as on May,2011)

Israel Is the 2nd Fastest Growing Facebook Country( data as on May,2011)

UAE is the 4th Fastest Growing Country in Middle East( data as on May,2011)

     Jordan is the fifth  Fastest Growing Country in the Middle East( data as on May,2011)

Data Courtesy : is one of the biggest Facebook statistics portals in the world, covering a wide range of Facebook statistics.  which include  Facebook in different countries, Facebook Brand pages,  applications, Developers on the Facebook platform, and  Facebook advertising prices.

Global Facebook Users Increase by 43%, Middle East Among Fastest Growing

Chart: comScore_Facebook Global Growth

Photos: iStockphoto
comScore_Facebook Global Growth
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