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April 28, 2012

Facebook vs The Rest of Social Networks:

Is Facebook The Only Social Channel That Really Matters? | The Financial Brand: Marketing Insights for Banks & Credit Unions:

Facebook continues to top charts and  web traffic domination as other competitors have grown, however have failed to break the Facebook traffic Graph. The above infographic from Financial Brand shows how the  top 5 SN stands as of March,31st, 2012 .Alexa, a traffic-ranking site, puts Facebook as the world’s #2 largest website, behind only Google. YouTube ranks #3, with Twitter trailing at #9. Compete, a similar service to Alexa, ranks Facebook 2nd, YouTube 4th, Twitter 20th and LinkedIn 36th.

March 17, 2012

March 9, 2012

February 29, 2012

The Making Of The Richest Technology Company

The Social network ‘s  billions of electronic nodes and links will soon make a fortune for Mr Zuckerberg, still only 27, who owns 28.4% of Facebook and will continue to control most of the voting rights.With the annoucement of the Facebook IPO , that is expected to raise $5 billion, to 10 billion or  maybe more, in the largest flotation ever of an internet company. Not since Google’s IPO in 2004—the year that Facebook was founded—have techies and venture capitalists been so aflutter. Facebook’s flotation, which is likely to take place in the spring, will create a publicly quoted tech giant that will stand alongside American technology titans such as Amazon, Apple and Google itself.

Facebook’s stunning progress has earned the company estimated valuations of between $75 billion and $100 billion. Private trading in its shares on secondary markets has implied a value of more than $80 billion. That would be more than 20 times last year’s revenues—and more than 80 times last year’s net income. These are simply mouth watering and eye-catching high multiples.

February 25, 2012

February 22, 2012

How Facebook Earns its Revenue: Advertisements Vs Payments


Facebook's ad revenue may not be growing fast enough to justify a $100 billion valuation. But ads are not the company's only source of revenue.Payments are becoming a big deal as well.
Last summer, Facebook started charging companies like Zynga 30 percent of each transaction — like purchasing a virtual good like a cow. (That's a big reason why Zynga accounts for 12 percent of Facebook's revenue, alhough that figure includes advertising as well.)
So although payments started as a tiny sliver of Facebook's overall revenue, now it's up to about 17 percent of the total.
As companies start to sell other kinds of goods through Facebook, like concert tickets, this percentage could grow

February 6, 2012

How Facebook Drives Global Web Traffic

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Social Media Market Share

January 21, 2012

The Social Mobile Web Goes 55+

Social media Apps Usage has grown 30% in Q3,2011 as compared to Q3,2010
Move over young guns, the seniors are blasting their way into facebook big time, recent Nielsen data shows  adult users ( seniors) have almost doubled their numbers , when it comes to going social, with their Mobile.

US Facebook Users Consume 53 billion minutes per Month

Building a chart based on previous user number announcements, iCrossings says Facebook will probably reach 1 billion users sometime in August 2012.
In the past, "active" has meant that these people log in once a month. What is worthy of a mention  is the sheer consistency of users on Facebook .According to Facebook's internal data , more than 50% of its users log in on a daily basis.

A new report on social media from Nielsen shows U.S. users spent 53.5 billion minutes on Facebook in May, which is more time than was spent on the next four biggest sites.

January 18, 2012

Fighting Cybercrime at Facebook :Top 3 Ways To Safeguard Your Account

Just how much cybercrime happens on Facebook? About 4 million Facebook users experience spam on a daily basis, 20% of Facebook users have been exposed to malware, and Facebook sees about 600,000 cases of hijacked log-ins every day.
As it stands, there are settings you can change to protect yourself against cybercrime. However, Facebook users aren’t ever totally safe from being scammed and preyed upon as profile information continues to be shared with third parties, malware remains prominent and scammers are still allowed to create fake profiles.
Of course, there are a few reminders for staying safe on the world’s largest social network. You can find some of them in the infographic below, by Zone Alarm.
It also shows the breadth of Facebook users around the world. In North America, out of 272 million Internet users, 168 million are surfing the web on Facebook. In Europe, 476 million people are on the Internet and 209 million are on Facebook.

January 17, 2012

US Advertising Spends per User :Facebook vs TV vs Internet

Facebook accounts for 95% of social networking time on the web in the U.S. according to an analysis of comScore data provided by web publisher Ben Elowitz of Wetpaint.acebook's U.S. ad spending per user is tiny, when you compare it to other big ad-reliant industries, as you can see in this chart from Nanigans, a Facebook marketing company.

January 12, 2012

Facebook Set To Hit 1 billion users by Aug,2012

Having Passed The $1 Billion Revenue Mark Some Time Ago, Facebook Is Now Closing In On 1 Billion Users. The Company Claimed 800 Million Users In September, So It’s Not Surprising That Claiming Membership Of One-Seventh Of Humanity Is Now Within The Social Network’s Grasp.
According To Gregory Lyons, A Senior Analyst At Icrossing, Facebook Will Reach The Milestone In August. Using Linear Regression On Date From 2008 Until The End Of Last Year, Lyons Created The Following Chart

In A Blog Entry, Lyons Acknowledges That Facebook’s Growth In The U.S. And U.K Has Slowed Or Even Stopped, But He Expects India And Brazil, Among Other Nations, To Pick Up The Slack. “

Both Are Large Countries With Millions Of Potential Users Who Have Yet To Sign Up To Facebook. As of Dec 2011 data India is way behind many countries with 3% of population use  Facebook ,compared to  16% Of Brazil’s (Compared To 49% Of America’s Population Or 47% Of The Uk’s Population) Countries Such As These Will Clearly Contribute Heavily To Facebook’s Continued Growth