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June 3, 2009

Time Spent at Social Networking Sites Doubles

Time on social networks almost doubles in a year- Internet -Infotech-The Economic Times: "Nielsen Online, which measures web traffic, said the number of minutes on social networks in the United States rose 83 percent in April from the same month as compared to 2008 .However users were quick to move on and sites could quickly fall from favor as the loyalties in terms of user stickiness for social networking sites is considered to be very low.

According to Nielsen Online,one major trend had been the continuing popularity of Facebook, which has more than 200 mn active members and has become so mainstream it now hosts Pope Benedict and a list of world leaders.

The total number of minutes spent on Facebook surged 700 percent year-on-year to 13.9 bn in April this year from 1.7 bn a year ago, making it the No. 1 social networking site for the fourth consecutive month.

News Corp's MySpace was second most popular but the number of minutes spent on this site fell 31 percent to 4.97 bn from 7.3 bn a year ago, although it remained the top social networking site when ranked by video streams.

Blogger, and came third, fourth and fifth respectively, with the number of minutes spent on Twitter -- that lets people send 140-character messages or Tweets rocketing 3,712 percent in April from a year ago.

Facebook came second to MySpace in rankings of video streams followed by Stickam, and Funny or Die."

Figures from Nielsen released in April shows that more than 60 percent of Twitter users stopped using the free site a month after joining.