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January 29, 2016

investment across the financial technology by deal size and valuations

January 22, 2016

top 5 vc investment across fintech sector by deals size

VC Investment  across Financial Technology sectors by deal size and country

Among the financial  technology  start ups who were able to get funding by  venture capital firms
US accounted for 64 deals  with a cumulative total investment of $792 million

United Kingdom accounted for 11 deals across financial services  sector with a total investment of $127 million.

Meanwhile India was the third most important market as VC firms invested a total of $54.5million  in that country with 9 deals being finalized

January 13, 2016

whats behind the 400% growth in the fintech investment across asia pacific market

"asia pacific fintech investment chart"

What are the reasons for the spectacular growth of financial technologyg investment across Asia pacific region

Fintech investment in Asia-Pacific has skyrocketed in 2015 — from about US$880 million in all of 2014 to nearly US$3.5 billion in just the first nine months of 2015.

The largest share of fintech investment deals were in payments that made up 40 percent of total investments, followed by lending at 25 percent.his

The  rise in financial technology investment across the region was driven by investment deals made in and from China, including the  Alibaba Group Holding and its Ant Financial Services Group subsidiary, along with  Paytm, an Indian-based mobile payment and commerce platform; and fundraising efforts by Ping An Insurance Group venture Lufax.

total fintech investment activity by regions

"financial technology investment activity"

global financial technology investment : US vs UK

US remains the biggest market for world financial technology investment . However across the European market In 2013, UK and Ireland together accounted for more than half of Europe’s fintech deals (53 percent) and more than two-thirds of its total financing (69 percent, or $265 million).

December 1, 2015

August 22, 2015

UK Fintech industry to exceed £20billion ,growing at 18%


"The UK  Fintech market is worth  £20bn  with a  18% growth rateThe UK  Fintech market is  worth c. £20bn in annual revenue which is growing at 18% presently. According the latest findings by  Ernst and Young ( summarized in chart above )  shows the state of the UK  Fintech market sizes across the 4 verticals

  1.  Payments  Space (c. £10bn), 
  2. Software (c. £4.2bn),
  3.  Data and Analytics (c. £3.8bn) and 
  4. Platforms (c. £2.0bn).
    Meanwhile the  highest growth areas  across Fintch industry has been across peer-to-peer platforms, online payments and the data and analytics products (credit reference, capital markets and insurance) which together represent . 60% of the sector.

June 9, 2015

UK and Scandinavian nations leads in investment by fintech companies

"UK and Scandinavian nations leads in investment by fintech companies"

Top 3 global regions where fintech companies have invested the most

 UK& Ireland have received the highest investment by the fintech companies globally  and  across Europe, with 623 million USD followed up Norway, Sweden and Denmark with 345 million USD , while with 306 million USD Netherlands ranks no 3.

the highest employment by fintech companies in UK

 Where does the Fintech Industry draw its highest employment from in UK

This chart from statista shows the estimated employment figures in FinTech and big-data sectors in the United Kingdom (UK) . The hub of financial tech firms  innovation employment activity was London, with approximately 51 thousand jobs in the FinTech field and 68 thousand in big-data fields in the greater area of 50-miles radius. ($46 billion). )

The state of fintech investments in 2015

" funding to the  fintech start up companies"

Global Funding to the  financial technology  start ups have been booming this year. Almost 14billion USD has been invested  so far across the fintech industries , while  deal growth has grown by 14.41 in 2015, Q1

29 countries in the above chart have at least one Internet company worth $1 billion..This is the number of members who belong to the “Unicorn” club of Internet companies. Every country on this list has at least one $1B Internet company. Led by Google ($410 billion) and Alibaba Group ($200 billion). The other online companies including , Russian based search engine Yandex ($15.8 billion); Israel’s Checkpoint, the security software maker ($13.6 billion); search portal Naver in South Korea ($28 billion); and media company Naspers in South Africa ($46 billion). )

Europe has the smallest number of  among all the geographical nations 

capital efficiency ratios across the top 10 3 billion dollar start ups

" the capital efficiency ratios of billion dollar start ups"

This infographic from cbinsights shows how capital efficiency ratios change  depending on  the kind of industries they service .Enterprise tech companies see higher average and median capital efficiency ratios than consumer tech cos. eCommerce companies on the list see a lower capital efficiency ratios as can be seen by firms like Delivery Hero, Snapdeal and Lazada, which all count ratios under 2x. The bottom 3 among unicorns from a capital efficiency perspective are all eCommerce companies.6 billion). )

Top 3 hottest investment opportunities for fintech companies:Infographic


The  chart shows the  top 3 verticals  across financial technology  which had   the highest investment since 2008 to 2013 :

Corp finance and banking ,payments ( mobile / online ) and capital markets are among the hottest areas of investment for fintech companies . These were the same sectors which attracted most of the investments in Fintech companies in 2013 were payments (28 percent of all Fintech investments) and banking and corporate finance (29 percent).

May 10, 2015