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December 22, 2011

December 1, 2011

Chrome Surpasses Firefox, becomes No 2 Browser Globally

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Global Browser Market Share

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - United States Browser Market Share

Google’s Chrome surpassed Mozilla’s Firefox as the world’s number two browser behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer last month, according StatCounter.

The Wall Street Journal, reports Chrome’s worldwide market share at 25.69% and Firefox’s at 25.23%. Internet Explorer, according to the same findings, dominates worldwide market share at 40.63%.
In the U.S., meanwhile, Chrome is still number three with 17.3%, a 6.41% jump compared to last November. Internet Explorer held the top spot with 50.66% and grew by 0.42%. Firefox was second with 20.09%.
Last month, data from, showed Internet Explorer’s share dipped below 50% for the first time. Safari, the default browser on the iPhone and the iPad, claimed 62.17% of mobile traffic. Internet Explorer, meanwhile, had 52.63% of desktop traffic, according to the researcher.

Chrome may be coming to Google’s mobile Android platform soon, according to reports. The 3-year-old browser’s growth, which benefits from being promoted on, hit 200 million users in October.

September 23, 2011

Marketshare By OS: Desktops Vs Tablets Vs SmartPhones

The following information on web clients  above is obtained from the User agent information supplied to web servers by web browsers. This is an inexact science for a variety of reasons. For a discussion on the shortcomings see Usage share of web browsers.
The most recent data from various sources published during the last six months is summarized in the table below. (All of these sources monitor a substantial number of web sites. Statistics that relate to a single web site are excluded.)

August 1, 2011

Google Chrome Dethrones Firefox , Becomes New Number 2

Nearly one in four British internet users now use Google Chrome as their web browser just three years after it was launched.It is now the second most popular browser, overtaking Mozilla’s Firefox and quickly gaining ground on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), the current market leader.

According to new figures, Chrome accounts for 22 per cent of the British web market compared to 45 per cent for IE. Apple's Safari is number four with a nine per cent share.

According to Statscounter Google’s web browser Chrome is now the second most-popular browser in the United Kingdom. Opera's marketshare has slipped from 1.22 to 0.89 per cent share over the year. Safari rose slightly to 8.5 per cent.

Since December 2009, Chrome has been heavily promoted by Google in the UK, starting with billboard and newspaper advertising, and TV campaigns this year – Google's first ever UK TV campaign.Chrome’s market share has been on an upward trajectory globally, but in the UK Google’s browser has been doing exceptionally well, having captured a 22.12% market share in July, edging out Firefox, which currently holds 21.65%.

The first spot is still held by Internet Explorer, which holds a massive 45.51%, but its market share has been steadily declining over the past 12 months.