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February 16, 2011

What Makes " The Best Companies To work For :

The Companies View

 Feedback from employees is the core of Fortune's Best Companies to Work For rankings. See the most popular words workers used when citing their companies for this year's survey. This Tag Cloud Infographic shows what words Employees use most to describe their  organization. The Circles  above  are the different companies which were surveyed .

clicking  on each company, brins  up a word cloud via a tag cloud , where words most frequently mentioned show up larger. Here's the word cloud for The Boston Consulting Group:

What  words Employees use to  explain about their Company Culture( Notice  the word "People" tag is bigger in size ).. which means employees are concerned about how employers treate people in their workforce

You can click on any of those words to bring up the actual quotations:
Clicking on companies wil show  people say about their employers, while using that word.  So this helps a user to search for those attributes  in companieswho value the same things which you do . either a competitive  work culture or Work Life Balance,whether it's big perks or a family oriented environment:
Fortune has made an interactive infographic, produced by Tommy McCall, that reallygets to the root of why people like working at certain companies. Essentially, it boils down the thousands of employee surveys they gathered into an easily digestible format, showing exactly what works people most often cite when raving about their jobs.

This original interactive  infographic is availabe in Flash at  Fortune Best  companies and  provides  a great insight on those values and attributes an employer is seeking to come and work . One reason that people enjoy their jobs so much is that they feel like they're part of a collective effort, working with people who share a common goal. The words used by employers to describe their organizations  are used as a form of tag cloud analysis and represented in this awesome infographic ( Source:Fastcodesign)