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September 8, 2014

Research Study :Video Gaming Industry

Global and U.S. OverviewValuesStatistic
Value of global entertainment and media market$2.3tn
Value of U.S. entertainment and media market$679.4bn
Global video games revenue$101.62bn
Global gaming software expenditure$51.13bn
Revenue of Microsoft€7.65bn
Daily minutes spent playing video games per capita in U.S.23.2min
Hardware & SoftwareValuesStatistic
U.S. brand equity of Nintendo Wii (score)68.27
U.S. video game sales$6.1bn
Action genre sells most video games31.9%
Starcraft favorite video games series39%
Average annual consumer spending on video games$90.59
Money spent on console games in the U.S.$8.4bn

  • According to the latest  Study published by statista  the market for US entertainment is and media is worth around  $679.4 billion , as compared to the worldwide media and entertainment market of $2.3 trillion .'
  •  Global video gaming market revenue is worth around  $101.62 billion.
  • This makes the video gaming market  worth 10% of the entire US media and entertainment market .
  • The global gaming software spends come to $51.13 billion
  • According to Newzoo, a market research firm specializing in video games, estimates that 145 million Americans played some sort of video game in 2011, more importantly 63 million Americans were actually willing to spent money on video games