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July 12, 2010

Target your Social Media Users By Researching their Purchase Intent

Mashable reports that Trend Stream has released a mini version of its Global Web Index — a syndicated market research service on web behavior and social media — in interactive infographic form. The tool (above) provides an insightful look at the social media profiles of various online users.

This interactive stream Looks specifically into social drivers and online data stream , the more involved motivations such as creating content, publishing opinions or sharing content. Some Matured Markets like US and UK ,are generally inherently more social and involved, sharing content and opinions across all social platforms such as blogging, micro-blogging and uploading video and posting across walls.

This tool will be of immense help to online Media Planners, Branding Professionals and Companies that would like to research online behavioral patterns to how to select online distribution channels for their products.One of the biggest differentiators of this tool is that it allows Marketers to target and segment users based on certain key influencing indicators which reflects certain unique behavioral patterns, among their users.This kind of research quantifies global trends in web behavior and social media and the impact on consumer behaviour, purchasing and marketing communication. For more details go to the Global Web Index website

How this works

Select your defined country, gender, age bands and an attitudinal outlook (if you want). The attitudes are only for demonstration purposes .Users across Social Media can be grouped into

Risk taker: “I like to take risks”Informers: “I regularly inform friends and family on new products and services”Positives: “I feel positive about the global economyStrivers: “I’m always striving to achieve more in life”Premium Lovers: “I tend to buy the premium version of the productInternationals: “It is important to stay in touch with what is going on in the world”Thrill seeker: “I like to pursue a life of challenge, novelty and change”

Once you define your audience you can analyse them against 3 key areas and against the country average:

Motivations for getting online: What do online consumers consider to be “very motivating”Social media behavior: What online consumers have done in the last month online.There are also non social behaviors in there for comparison. Brands in social media: Which kind of social marketing communications “improve the opinion of a brand” in the eyes of consumers. Again there are non social executions for comparison.