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February 24, 2015

The best of Promo Codes Discounts from Top Retailers at Groupon :

Groupon codes and discount coupons
Since its launch in 2008, the daily deal Web site Groupon has become so popular and so profitable that it passed on a $6 billion buyout offer from Google in December 2010 .The deals offered daily through Groupon start at 50 percent off and can go as high as 90 percent cheaper than the normal price .Groupon Discount Coupons are availed by some of the top retailers like Sears, Sports Authority and Home Depot

The deals offered daily through Groupon start at 50 percent off and can go as high as 90 percent cheaper than the normal price. Groupon's business model   can offer such steep discounts because it guarantees business owners a minimum return on their investment.

 As of September 2014, Groupon is the most-visited coupon website in the United States with approximately 30 million unique monthly visitors and accounts for 59.1 percent of the U.S. daily deal market.

Here are the top promo codes and Discounts offered by the top Retailers  at groupon. To redeem the offer, click on the links below  

 Home Depot Promo Code & Coupon Discounts  :Up To 50% Off Special Buy Appliances At Home Depot

 Sears Coupon and Promo Codes : $35 Off $300+ Patio Furniture Order With Coupon Code

Sports Authority Coupon Discounts : FREE Shipping on Shoes, Clothes $49+ Orders

November 5, 2013

Internet Companies and Valuation after IPO : Facebook vs Google vs LinkedIn vs Zynga

top 10 Internet companies in terms of valuation

The chart shows the  Biggest IPO of internet Companies for  the past 10 Years and how much was the deal size and, valuation, offerings per share.The past decade has been a revolutionary time for big tech companies. We teamed up with French blogger, Vincent Abry, to bring the Top 10 Internet IPOs of the last decade 

The tech companies  compared are    Facebook, Google,Alibaba,Linkedin Groupon,Zynga ,Renren among others

June 6, 2012

Groupon Stocks Plunge as founders Loose Billions

Groupon founders tally billions in paper losses - Chicago Sun-Times: "Groupon’s Big Three — founder Andrew Mason and founding investors Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky — have lost roughly half of their multi-billion-dollar holdings since the daily deal site’s stock started tanking.

Last week saw the Groupon shares tumbled 9% as Employees and other insiders are required to wait before selling their stock following a company's initial public offering. Groupon's lock-up period expired on June 1st,2012. Groupon 's falling shares on the NASDAQ are in line with what most technology Companies are seeing in Q2, are down about 26% over the past week.

There hasn't been any major news specific to Groupon -- other than the so-called lockup expiration that allows insiders to sell to explain this week's sell-off. But several Internet companies have tumbled along with Facebook. Since the social network's IPO about two weeks ago, Facebook shares are down more than 30%.

Monday's decline brings Groupon's market capitalization to about $5.8 billion. That's less than the roughly $6 billion that Google offered to buy Groupon in December 2010. 

Groupon's CEO Andrew Mason’s stock holdings had been halved since Groupon’s Nov. 4 public stock offering, based on the $20 initial share price and its trading price Tuesday, to about a $500 million value from $1 billion; Keywell’s value had slid to roughly $395.8 million from $824.5 million and Lefkofsky to $1.24 billion from $2.58 billion, according to independent estimates by two sources."

January 23, 2012

November 16, 2011

October 28, 2011

The Groupon IPO Analysis : 5 Charts That Can Impact Investors

Gross Billings," which Groupon formerly classified as "Revenue," continues to grow strongly, rising 25% sequentially in Q3 to nearly $1.2 billion

Revenue," the portion of coupon sales that Groupon keeps, also grew, but much more slowly: Revenue increased 10% to $430 million.

Groupon’s IPO  Presentation Pitch

Groupon’s IPO roadshow pitch is revving into high-gear this week..One of Andrew Mason's tasks on Groupon Inc.'s roadshow this week is to demonstrate to investors that the three-year-old startup is growing up and is capable of acting like a public company.
Firing underperformers is one way. Mr. Mason told investors Wednesday during a presentation in Boston that the company is replacing the weakest 10% of its salesforce

 Groupon’s IPO  Presentation Pitch

 Failing to win enough repeat customers may dampen the rapid growth that currently supports the company's roughly $11 billion valuation

As of Sept. 30, Groupon had 143 million subscribers, but in the third quarter only 30 million of them bought Groupons. Groupon currently has a salesforce of over 4,800, according to its IPO prospectus.Repeat customers increased from the second quarter but only numbered 16 million, according to a regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

 Why is Groupon's  growth rate collapsing?

There are a few potential reasons why their revenue growth could be stalling.
According to  Yipit Reduced marketing spend.  While Groupon was able to break even this quarter, they did so by reducing their marketing spend. Unfortunately, marketing spend also fuels growth by acquiring new subscribers. Groupon grew their subscribe base by 23% this quarter. The previous quarter, they grew by 39%.

Competition. As competition in the space heats up with Google Offers, Amazon and LivingSocial, Groupon is getting crowded out of the inbox. In Q3, the number of Groupons sold grew just 1% despite Groupon growing their subscribe base 23%.

October 24, 2011

Is The Groupon Story Going Bust ?

 Groupon almost broke even for the quarter, a huge change compared to the last year and a half. Operating income benefitted from a couple of one-time gains,

The reason revenue grew faster than the number of Groupons sold, meanwhile, is that revenue per Groupon increased

The number of coupons Groupon sold flattened in Q3. This contributed to the revenue slowdown.

The reason  Groupon Revenue grew more slowly than "Gross Billings" is that Groupon's "take rate" fell. (The "take rate" is the percentage of coupon sales that Groupon keeps.) Groupon says the take-rate fell because its product mix changed

Revenue," the portion of coupon sales that Groupon keeps, also grew, but much more slowly: Revenue increased 10% to $430 million.

Groupon's North American business is now nicely profitable, earning $19 million in adjusted operating income in Q3, a 12% margin

Market Opportunity For Daily Deal Sites

Only a few months ago, Groupon was the Internet's next great thing. Business media christened it the fastest growing company ever. Copycats proliferated. And investors salivated over the prospect of Groupon going public.

However Today The Groupon Story has turned upside down.. showing once again how fast  Internet Economy can  change and how little time it takes for a “  product  life cycles across the Internet  to  go bust …

 The start up  Daily Deal’s  Pioneer’s   expectations for the IPO that in June was valued as high as $25 billion has now sunk to   a valuation of  that is less than half that at between $10.1 billion and $11.4 billion  

Now Groupon faces concerns about the viability of its daily deals business model. The novelty of online coupons is wearing off. Some merchants are complaining that they are losing money — and customers— on the deals. And competitors are swarming the marketplace with offers and deals that makes  very  little  economic sense

"Groupon is a disaster," says Sucharita Mulpuru, a Forrester Research analyst. "It's a shill that's going to be exposed pretty soon."

Groupon shows what can happen when a startup experiences steroidal growth in an unproven industry.  Coupled  with that is  ; hordes of venture funds” who suddenly saw the next Big Amazon “ or the next “Ebay in Groupon .. In one way Groupon  is an emblematic of a business in infancy. According to  Investors   who tracks Daily Deals, “Groupon is facing are symptomatic of something more troubling: questionable accounting, an overvalued business model and an industry that is turning into the digital equivalent of junk mail”

The reason Groupon reached break-even is that it cut back sharply on marketing costs. Although the company's marketing efficiency improved (cost-per-new-customer dropped), Groupon also added fewer customers than it has in prior quarters. This, in turn, led to a slowdown in the company's revenue growth rate, especially in the North American business.