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December 28, 2017

holiday season sales witness biggest jump since 2011

"US Holiday season saw a 5% jump ,biggest since 2011"

Holiday Spending across Retail stores in US sees biggest jump in 6 years

Despite thousands of store closings this year, Americans supplied a final flurry of spending to give retailers their best holiday season sales since 2011, figures released Tuesday show. U.S. year-end holiday retail sales rose 4.9% compared to the same period last year, a welcome gift to U.S. retailers amid new signs of consumer confidence. Online retail shopping similarly increased 18.1%, while overall consumer buying during the holiday period set a record for dollars spent, according to the sales report issued by Mastercard SpendingPulse.

The holiday shopping season, a crucial period for retailers that can account for up to 40 percent of annual sales, brought record-breaking online and in-store spending this year of more than $800 billion, according to Mastercard Inc’s analytics arm.According to the report, last-minute shoppers were largely responsible for a 5.9 percent increase in jewelry sales. Some retail categories saw higher increases than others: There was a 7.5 percent increase in sales of electronics and appliances this holiday period, the largest jump in the past decade. Sales in the home furnishings and home improvement categories each jumped 5.1 percent. 

 There were moderate increases for specialty apparel and department stores, despite a lackluster year overall that saw thousands of brick-and-mortar store closings. However, the women’s apparel category was negative over the entire year, according to Mastercard data.The findings were based on aggregate sales activity in the Mastercard payments network, along with survey based-estimates for other forms of payment, including cash and checks, The data exclude auto sales. was no place like home for the holidays for many shoppers, who sent sales of electronics and appliances up 7.5%, the strongest growth of the last 10 year. Sales of home furniture and furnishings separately grew 5.1%.

 A host of traditional retailers and department store chains topped the table of the biggest stock market climbers on Tuesday, helping the S&P 500 retailing industry index gain 0.6 per cent and achieve a fresh record high.In another sign of the overall sector's strength, a public index launched in mid-November to track the performance of traditional U.S. retailers showed a nearly 15.7% increase in market returns as of Friday.The Solactive-ProShares Bricks and Mortar Retail Store Index is composed of U.S.companies that account for 75% or more of retail revenue from in-store sales, including Macy's; Costco; Best Buy; Home Depot; Tiffany; Target; Dollar General; Barnes & Noble; The Gap; Sears; Nordstrom; AutoZone; and JC Penney.

The National Retail Federation said it would not have its own data ready until mid-January — but predicted final holiday retail sales figures would meet or exceed its October forecast of an increase of 3.6 to 4 percent.United Parcel Service Inc, the world’s largest package delivery company, said on Wednesday it was on track to return a record number of packages this holiday, having handled more than 1 million returns to retailers daily in December. That pace is expected to continue into early January, UPS said, and would likely peak at 1.4 million on Jan. 3, which would be a fifth consecutive annual record, up 8 percent from this year.

November 3, 2017

2017 holiday season projected online shopping revenues by devices

"Online projected  revenues  during  2017 holiday season"

Total Online Revenues during Holiday Season:2014 to 2017

Smartphone led online sales is set to break all barriers and all set to become the dominant revenue channel during 2017 holiday season according to a report published by Adobe Analytics.Smartphone aided online revenues will see an increase of 26% to account for 24 percent of total shopping revenue during this years holiday season.While Desktop share of revenue is projected to be 66 percent, down 6 percent year-over-year and tablet-led online sales will see  9 percent lower growth as compared to 2016  and is likely to account for 10 percent of revenue this holiday season.On Black Friday 2016, 48 percent of online orders were generated via mobile devices, up from 40 percent in the previous

The 2017 holiday shopping season will also see mobile visitors to retail stores grow past desktop visits during the months of November and December.

Adobe predicts that Cyber Monday 2017 will be a huge contributor to those sales, and is on track to become the biggest online shopping day in U.S. history with $6.6 billion in online sales, a 16.5 percent increase over last year.
"comparison of online revenues for 2017 christmas"

Projected Online Shopping in 2017

Last November, mobile internet use topped desktop for the first time ever. And during the holiday shopping season, several of the top U.S. retailers reported record numbers of mobile shoppers. For instance, Amazon's mobile orders on Thanksgiving 2016 exceeded both Thanksgiving 2015 as well as Cyber Monday 2015. Walmart data showed that  70 percent of its website traffic around Black Friday came from mobile. Target's data revealed that " mobile "accounted for over 60 percent of its Black Friday pre-sales. But whether it’s on desktop or on mobile, online shopping is outpacing in-store sales. This holiday season, Adobe is forecasting online sales to reach $107.4 billion, up 13.8 percent from last year, and topping in-store retail by 10 percent.

November 28, 2014

Online Retail Path to Purchase : Device comparison chart

Retail shoppng

While consumers  by and large  use both Smartphones, tablets and PC for buying, There are some difference in buying patters .Retail consumers who research on their smartphones tend to purchase almost equally across smartphones (23%), tablets (20%) and laptops (21%), 

whereas consumers who research via laptops and tablets tend to purchase on the same device (46% and 58%, respectively). 

While the majority of retail consumers (63%) who research in-store also purchase in-store, 20% rely on mobile devices (smartphones and laptops) to make their final purchases.

source : Ninthdecimal

December 6, 2013

24% Holiday Shopping for Thanksgiving ,Black Friday, What does this mean for ecomerce brands

Cyber MOnday and Thanksgving reach new heights
Cyber Monday wrapped up with 20.6 % growth in record online retail sales over 2012 and remains the biggest online shopping day of the year. Read the full report to get details on the latest trends from the holiday shopping season.

However the biggest surge came from mobile sales which reached 25.8 percent 
of total online sales for Thanksgiving, and 21.8 percent for Black Friday, as 
consumers went from the dinner table to their tablets to lock in the best offers. In addition, 
IBM reported that New York City consumers led the way in Black Friday online sales 

followed by Atlanta and Los Angeles.  

Delivered by the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, this year’s holiday report tracked 
millions of transactions and terabytes of data from approximately 800 
U.S. retail websites. By leveraging cloud-based analytics, IBM is uniquely positioned to 
give retailers and marketers unmatched insight into real-time consumer shopping trends.