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May 5, 2011

Coming Soon iPhone 5 To Your Nearest Store in September

The much -rumored iPhone 5 will hit store shelves in September with a faster processor and a similar look to the iPhone 4, according to PCworld . The iPhone 5  launch was speculated in June or July but A new report from Macworld ,debunks earlier speculation that the iphone 5 was slated for release in the next two months

The new Apple rumors contradict previous assertions the so-called iPhone 5 wouldn't start production until September for a launch during the holidays or early 2012. PCworld reports that Instead, the next iteration of Apple's iPhone would go into production in the summer around June or July to get ready for the big launch in the fall, according to three anonymous sources who spoke to Reuters. 

Apple typically uses September to launch new iPods and other music products, but the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch have made Apple's other multimedia devices increasingly irrelevant

It's not clear what kind of a faster processor the iPhone 5 would have, but most observers expect Apple to use the dual-core A5 chip that debuted in the iPad 2.

Meanwhile in an unrelated development ,According to 9to5 Mac‘s multiple sources, Apple has been negotiating with Verizon Wireless to provide the over-the-air updates, but the sources wouldn’t comment on whether the same negotiations were taking place with AT&T.

For iOS updates to be delivered over-the-air, Apple will need to make fundamental changes in the way its updates work. For one thing, Apple will need to stop requiring a download of the entire operating system for a simple update.This would be a long-awaited and welcome capability — a feature that’s commonplace in the Android operating system.