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May 3, 2015

the most expensive mobile app markets by cost per installs

" ranking of markets by mobile app cost per installs"

Key geographical markets : cost per installs 

 The chart from Inmobi shows the cost per installs across key markets.cost per mobile installs refers to the  cost incurred by advertisers (mobile advertisers/developers) once a app is installed on the smartphone. UK, US and China are the top 3 most expensive mobile app markets

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April 28, 2015

led by china japan and south korea asia now 2nd biggest mobile ad market with $2.7b investment

who is leading the asian markets in mobile and digital  investment spends

Both China  and Japan are almost  neck to neck in terms of  media ad spending . However China piped ahead of Japan in ad investments by $3.4 billion in 2014.At that point. China  today accounts for 31% of Asia-Pacific’s  media spending  and ranks second only to the US in ad spending worldwide.

The maturing of Asia-Pacific’s mobile ad market  made it  the 2nd  biggest market with investments reaching nearly $2.7 billion.Among the most developed was  Japan  with accounted for $1.7 billion, or 65% of the region’s total. By 2016, mobile ad spending in Asia Pacific will total $6.2 billion, driven by a surge in growth in China, India and Indonesia. Japan’s share is expected to drop to 43.1%.. as china will continue to see unprecedented growth

April 8, 2015

BRIC nations Media spending by category: China spends 3 times its nearest competitor

BRIC Countries Overall media spends vs digital spends

 Chinese total media spends surpass any other BRIC nations  media spends by more than 3 times , that its nearest competitor Brazil according to emarketer
  1. Chinese total media spends  in 2014 was $63billion  vs  $24billion in digital ad spends which forms 38% of total media spends
  2. Next Brazil ranks 2nd with $18.8billion total media spends vs $2.6billion on digital ( 14% ) 
  3. Russia comes 3rd with $8.3billion total media spends compared to $1.96billion in digital(23% ) 
  4. India comes last with $6.11 billion  total media spends in comparison to spending just $740million on digital( 12%)

April 6, 2015

growth in media spends in asia pacific including digital and mobile

"total media spending   by mobile and digital by asia pacific nations "

South Korea  digital spending  is set to be the biggest  in the Asia Pacific nations with almost 40% of total media being allocated to digital in 2016,Out of the total digital spends, mobile is expected to form  23% .Australia's digital spending  will grow  7% to reach 40%  of overall digital spending  by 2016 Meanwhile  China’s share of digital ad spending in  expected to rise to 27%  by 2016. Japan's media spends on Digital and mobile is almost identical, with 24% on digital and  21.3% on mobile .

Indonesia and India's digital spending share will touch 12% and 16.3% respectively, with mobile  spends out of the digital  share is expected to account 4.5% and 12.1% respectively

March 29, 2015

Nigeria India and South Africa leads with highest Mobile Traffic by Country

mobile share of internet traffic by country

mobile  web share of internet traffic by country

Nigeria , India and south Africa leads Mobile Traffic by Country

March 24, 2015

Brazil vs Mexico vs Argentina : Digital spending as a percentage of total media spends

online media spends vs total media spends

Comparison of  percentage of digital spends out of total media spends in Brazil Argentina, Mexico and India 

Brazil  spends 14% on  digital spending as compared to total media spends of $18.8bilion. Mexico spends 20% on digital spends with$1billion spent on digital compared to $4.94 total media spends. This makes Mexico the  number 1 country compared to Brazil Argentina and India with the highest ratio of digital spends vs total media spends 

India  and  Argentina's digital spends is $740 and $460 million respectively , though India is ranked 2nd in media spending  just after  Brazil with $6.11 billion.

February 17, 2015

Online Insurance Search Queries in India growing by 450%

The  chart shows the increase is search for online insurance in india. Searches for  the terms Life Insurance, Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance and Health Insurance  has all shown a 4 fold increase  from the last one year across Google

Social Media Engagment Ranking Among Top 10 Indian Ecommerce Brands

flipkart snapdeal myntra tops social engagement


Indian ECommerce Social Media Battle: Flipkart Leads In Numbers, Snapdeal In Engagement: " The Latest data from The Media research firm, Simplify360,   on the top 10 Indian ecomerce companies social web index rankings reveals  FLIPKART , SNAPDEAL AND EBAY among the top 3 most engaged users across social media.  The rankings were decided  based  the total number of organic and inorganic mentions, the fan size on Facebook, the number of people engaged, the number of followers and mentions in the last 30 days. Simplify360 considered a total of 57 India ecommerce companies for this report."

October 19, 2014

The Sound of Music 2014 :Americans Votes for their favorite music places

The state of music: Americans vote for " how much time they spent on music
In a world where technology is reshaping consumer habits, music continues to be the soundtrack of our daily lives

Nielsen Music 360:  Study tracks Consumers engagement with music, as Americans Make Music Their Top Entertainment Choice.

"In a digitally fragmented world of smartphones, tablets and gadgets, the two devices which has almost faded into oblivion post the era of wired gizmos are 1) watch 2) music ..While Mobile/Smartphones have replaced a wrist watch which was once seen to be a status symbol, the fading away of music has been more spectcular, from a tape recorders, to a CD, then DVD, the Mp3 and Mp4 compression techniques enabled more than 1000 songs, movies and videos to be miniaturized and stored across cross platform devices which could be plugged into a USB and heart anywhere.. Music was instantly transported anywhere you wanted, in your car, during your road trip, walking down the streets,in the loo, at the movie theatres ( in case you happen to read a review from one of the websites 
As Music becomes apart of our daily life Music 360 2014, Nielsen’s third annual in-depth tracks the study of the tastes, habits and preferences of U.S. music listeners, 93% of the country's population listens to music, spending more than 25 hours each week tuning into their favorite tunes. For hundreds of millions of Americans, this means that music is their top form of entertainment. When surveyed about their activities in the past year, 75% of respondents said they actively chose to listen to music, even ahead of watching television at 73%."

August 8, 2014

Charting the Indian Internet Growth Story :why web growth in india doubles every 3 years

indian internet users growth to 243 million, 19% web penetration

According  From 120 million internet users in 2011, Indian internet has grown to 243million users  as of August  2014. The graph charts the average growth of Indian online users from 2007 onwards
  • Indian internet users increased by a 100%  in the last 3 years . In 2011 it was  122 million, compared to 243million as of 2014  
  • This doubling of indian internet users in 3 years is similarly seen during  2007 to 2010, where indians adopting the web grew 100 %, from 45million  to 90million in 2010 
  •  Penetration of web in India has gone up to 19.19% in 2014, compared to 10% in 2011, and  4% in 2007

June 11, 2014

India and Nigeria records fastest growth in INTERNET usage,with 14% and 16% one year growth

According to the latest Internet usage across the world data from internetlive( source). The world will see billion online users by end of 2014

Around 40% of the world population has an Internet connection today (view all on a page ). In 1995, it was less than 1%.

internet to exceed 3billion users

The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion will be reached by the end of 2014. The number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013.

Among the top 10 nations which highest number of  online users . India and Nigeria has recorded the biggest growth in  the last one year with 14% and 16% respectively.

 In terms of web penetration , among the top 10 list, UK,US, ranks 1st  and 2nd, while  Japan and Germany shared the  3rd spot   with 86% penetration 

June 5, 2014

Micromax To Launch a Windows Smartphone, with 5 MP camera

Micromax is working on a windows phone device and is planning to launch in sometime in June or July for rs 6999/ +tax The smartphone will have a 4.0 multi touch display with screen resolution of 800x 480p, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus , 512 MB Ram and a dual core processor. The name of this Device is yet to be decided 

Micromax  marketshare in India is  17% ,
Indian Mobile market is led by Samsung, with 33% share, while home grown brand ,Micromax  is no 2 with   17% 

That Micromax is making a Windows Phone is not news, with the company’s CEO Rahul Sharma saying in October that they handset will be available in the middle if 2014. With the handset expected “soon” we may see the smartphone announced at Mobile World Congress with the rest of their 2014 collection. Keep watching this space.. we will update you as soon as we get to know about the “ latest Micromax windows phone 

May 26, 2014

Indian Smartphone Shipments see a 220% Growth , in Q1, to 59million units

Statistic: Number of mobile phone users in India from 2011 to 2017 (in millions) | Statista

India’s smartphone shipments rose over 219% to 14.5 million units in January-March2014 , with more than half of the handsets shipped being 3G enabled, research firm CyberMedia Research (CMR) said on Tuesday. The country recorded smartphone shipments of 6.6 million units in the year-ago period, CMR said in a statement

Overall, 58.9 million mobile handsets were shipped during Q1 2014, a year-on-year growth of 8.9%,

April 4, 2014

Non US" Markets" Set to Slow down Facebook's revenue

Presentation: Nathan Eagle  on India becoming no 1 Facebook Country : The Paley Center for Media on

Mark  Zuckerbery probably might not be happy about this. But the fact is that, increasingly   Facebook users "from non US ' are showing a steady rise as the no 1 social network tries to " monetize itself  ' from the other markets and faces a huge challenge as  “ the online market” in specially developing countries have not been able to show  a substantial rise 
 This year  US’ becomes the no2 biggest market in terms of Facebook users, as India usurps the no 1 position. India is set to become Facebook’s biggest market in terms of number of users later this year,as compared India’s online advertising market maxes out at around $360 million, making it difficult for the company to translate this horde of users into a billion-dollar business.

With an estimated  with its estimated 30-35 million purely mobile users in India that will now be coupled with the more than 100 million users of Facebook, of which an estimated 40% access social network on mobile devices. Facebook on the one hand cannot ignore Indian Market, although “ the digital  economy “ witnessing  sluggish growth rate.

As of 31 December, Facebook had 93 million users in India who accessed the world’s largest social networking site at least once a month and 31 million mobile users who visited the site daily

But Facebook sees immediate opportunity to earn big ad revenue by targeting India’s around 50 million SMBs  who can start spending with as little as $5 a day who are increasingly becoming tech savvy and leveraging their smartphones to connect with potential customers.  

March 11, 2014

Indian Mobile and web Classified Start Up" Quikr" valued at $250 million, raises $90million Funding

Swedishfirm Kinnevik to invest $90 million in Quikr"Online and mobile classifieds venture" Quikr" has raised $90 million ( 550 crore) from a group of investors led by Swedish investment firm Investment Kinnevik in a deal that marks the largest round of funding for an internet services company in India.

The investment was spread across two rounds, with existing investor Warburg Pincus providing the initial investment in September last year, according to a person with direct knowledge of the transaction. The latest deal, signed last week, values Quikr at over $250 million (Rs 1,530 crore).

The  Indian Internet space , along with increasing Mobile penetration is driving startups  to essentially base their business models into two broad  Spectrum – those trying to build products and usage organically, and those doing arbitrage (buying traffic from Adwords, and selling to advertisers

According to CEO of quikr , its gets 32million  unique visitors every month. Alexa shows a traffic rank of 13 in India and 276 Global rank which is certainly more than impressive. And thats where "the Brand' makes a difference  to investors .. Its not that their business model is unique .. but the sheer scale of traffic . which makes Quikr  as the number ' no 1 Mobile Classifieds site ( Justdial is not exactly into the mobile space .. its business started off as an Offline venture )

October 28, 2013

Indian Social Media Users to Cross 100 million by 2014

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Indian Social Media Market Share led by Facebook

India may have 91 mn social media users by year-end: Report - Economic Times: "The number of social media users are expected to grow 17 per cent to reach 91 million in urban India by December 2013, on the back of rising Internet penetration due to increasing affordability of smartphones and availability of cost effective data plans.

The number of social media users in urban India reached 78 million by June 2013, a report by IAMAI and IMRB International said." This figure is likely to reach 100million by 2014  mid  year.

Meanwhile women are tipped to be the next big thing for online advertisers  as  "non-working women" are tipped to be the next emerging demographic segment with nearly 10 per cent of them accessing social media.

 Meanwhile Political propaganda was another area which seemed to be catching up , as it is estimated  that the next central elections could " be the first " time when  2-5% of political parties budget would be through social media  
The survey was conducted across 35 cities of the country. The report said social networking through mobile phones is widely observed with 19.8 million users accessing the websites on mobiles.

October 7, 2013

US Falling behind China on "Global Online Advertising Spends, as 18% media spends go digital in china


The chart shows the dominance of China vis a vis US in terms of Online Marketing Spends, which is determined by T-Index,  which is a statistical index that determines the online market share per country by combining the internet population and the corresponding GDP per capita.

The US (16.8%) will fall behind China (18.8%) in online market share by 2015, according to Translated  Research T-Index, a statistical index that determines the online market share per country by combining the internet population and the corresponding GDP per capita.
This means that " by 2016,18% digital spends will be powered by the  Chinese Market, with US falling behind with 16.9% 
The US boasted the largest T-Index in 2011, at 24.4%, ahead of China (11.5%), Japan (6.6%), Germany (4.9%), and the UK (3.7%). T-Index is a statistical index that shows online market share per country. It combines the Internet population and its estimated GDP per capita.

The 2015 projection shows that of 2011′s top 10 countries, developing nations China (63.4%), Brazil (43.4%), and Russia (26.2%) will see the most percentage growth in market share by 2015, while developed countries such as Italy (-43.4%), the US (-31.1%), Japan (-25.7%) and the UK (-27%) will experience the largest negative percentage change

B2C ecommerce sales across Asia Pacific : China set to grow 100% in next 3 years

The above chart show how Asia Pacific Countries are beggining to " dominate the " ecommerce Market .

The chart from statistica  shows the distribution of B2C e-commerce sales in the Asia Pacific region from 2010 to 2016, by country.

 In 2010, 50.6 percent of B2C e-commerce sales in the region were generated by Japan. In 2015, China is expected to generate 53.6 percent of Asia Pacific's B2C e-commerce sales. By 2016 ecommerce sales in China  alone will cross 50% of Asian Ecommerce sales

Sales in the Asian-Pacific region is expected to rise by nearly 25% to $390 bln.  The penetration of cell phones helps facilitate this.  

Among the Key Markets, China and Japan will contribute around 60% and the rest would be shared by India, Indonesia, South Korea

September 5, 2013

Mobile Web Population to exceed 165 million by 2015 omic Times

165 million mobile Internet users in India by March 2014: IAMAI-IMRB - Economic Times: ": India is expected to have close to 165 million mobile internet users by March 2015 (rpt) 2015, up from 87.1 million in December 2012 as more people are accessing the web through mobile devices and dongles, a report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB said today."

According to the report, the number of mobile Internet users increased to 87.1 million by December 2012 from 78.7 million users in October 2012, who accessed Internet through dongles and tablet PCs.
This is expected to grow further to 92.9 million (by March 2013), 130.6 million (by March 2014) and 164.8 million by March 2015.
The number of mobile Internet users in the country stood at 4.1 million in March 2009, the study said.
Of the 78.7 million users in October 2012, 61 million Off-Deck users (accessing sites other than sites of the operator), 15 million On-Deck users (accessing only sites specified by the operator), the report said.
"The remaining 2.7 million users accessed the internet using dongles (i.e. connected to Internet using2G3G or high-speed data cards)," it added.
The report said an average monthly bill of a user who access Internet on mobile devices is Rs 460. Of this, about Rs 198 is spent towards Internet expenses.