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February 1, 2011

The Wealthiest Online Audience : Infograpic via Numbers

Social Media users are one of the  most coveted and riches and wealthiest user group. Sites like  Facebook has penetrated the wealthy web. First, a little background on why we focus on internet trends among $100,000+ households. The only site which reaches more wealthy US users is Yahoo, who reaches 56% of the $100k+ online population, compared to Facebook’s 51% (Google may reach more, though they don’t include themselves in their AdPlanner stats, so it’s difficult to pinpoint exact numbers).

 Why  social media users  are an elite group to market to  can be found here.

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January 26, 2010

India to have 3rd Largers Online Users by 2013

India would become the third largest country in terms of Internet users across the globe, according to a forecast by Forrester. The report takes into account an average growth of 10-20% in online users in India.

The report by Forrester also forecasts the total number of Internet users worldwide would touch 2.2 billion by 2013.However emarketer pegs the Indian Online users by 2013 to be 96 million

Currently the estimates for total online population in India ranges anywhere between 50 million to 80 million users. China currently has 300 million+ online users, it recently overtook US in terms of online user strength.

As per TRAI, India has 8 Crore (80 Million) Online users who uses internet once per month which may be statistically correct

Acording to marketresearchonline ,, when it comes to the ‘single most preferred’ place of access, home (37%) scores over the office (30%) as well as cybercaf√© (15%) noticeably. 'Home' still remains the dominant place of access of internet.

With 89% of regular online Indians searching for product information online, window shopping has become ‘synonymous’ with internet now. Communication, social interactivity and entertainment activities stand out as the other most popular online activities.

The current ‘online shoppers’ base in India as per m2009 October data is 34.5 million, a good 6.5 million bigger than last year’s figure(2008) of 28 million. However, of all these online shoppers, only 22% (or 7.72 million) actually ‘buy’ online. The balance 78% online shoppers only search for products online and then probably buy them offline.

Google is clearly the most popular website among online Indians, with 35% of all online Indians claiming to use this website the most amongst all the websites they use. Yahoo follows at second spot with 28% of all internet users using it the most. Gmail, Orkut and Rediff are the 3rd, 4th, and 5th most used websites in India.