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October 14, 2015

tesla motors driver less cars with auto pilot and self parking soon in the anvil

These are the top 10 facts on Tesla motors

" the making of tesla motors"

The most fun thing about driving a Tesla Model S might be not driving at all. The electric car company has unveiled a new software update that will allow its TESLA  Model S cars to automatically steer, and maintain safe distance from cars both sideways and in front  including change lanes, and park on their own.

 However  Elon Musk refuses to call it an  autonomous car—it’s not quite there yet, though Musk says his vision is o eventually produce fully driverless cars without steering wheels or pedals. Instead, Tesla is billing the new capabilities as “autopilot” features that will occasionally require hands on the steering wheel

About 60,000 Model S vehicles will get these autopilot features over the coming week. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically in all Model S cars, but only those sold since September 2014 come standard with the necessary equipment for autopilot mode, including an ultrasonic sensor, front-facing camera, forward radar, and GPS navigation with high-precision digital maps.

February 21, 2011