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February 7, 2012

Social Networks usage via Mobile grows 46% in Europe

Among European users a very popular activity amongst smartphone users is social networking. The number of monthly mobile social networking users grewv 46% in the past year, to reach 57.4 million users in October 2011.

Comscore report show that the 69 percent growth in daily social networking  sites in Europe use outpaces that of mobile social networking growth as a whole, indicating that the mobile platform is conducive to frequent social networking use.

The following chart, based on GSMA MMM5 data shows the most popular social networks amongst UK consumers who use their browser to access the mobile internet in comparison to the reach of these sites amongst classic web users.

he charts above show a 24-hour period on a typical Wednesday, illustrates the share of each device’s traffic by hour as a percentage of overall traffic from that device.During an average weekday, tablet usage experienced the highest relative percentage of its activity in the late evening between 9-11pm

Otherwise, mobile and tablet consumption patterns were quite similar with mobile traffic showing peaks during typical commuter travel hours (around 9am and 6pm). Computer-based traffic had its highest relative consumption during typical office hours, spiking around lunchtime