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March 13, 2015

Total media Ad Spending in Italy estimated to reach $ 10 USD billion yearly

Italy's estimated media spending  as projected by various marketing  research groups including  GroupM, Zenith Optimedia  and Nielsen show  Italy media spending to be within " an average of $10billion per year from 2012 to 2015 

July 4, 2014

Top 10 geographical markets with highest retail ecommerce growth

Chart showing the  online retail revenues comparison report
The Global Markets   with highest Growth in ecommerce 

According to the latest  data from emarketer

  1. The US ecommerce market grew  sales grew 14.5% from $262.34 billion  to $300.64billion .
  2.  In comparison the Chinese " growth in the ecommerce in 2014  was an astonishing 76% higher than  the last year ..From $141.64billion to 249.38billlion
  3. UK ecommerce showed a 13% growth this year with online sales touching $77.84 billion  compared to $68.88billion in 2013
  4. Japan ecommerce growth showed an 8% growth this year as compared to last year with online sales  of $76.95 billion  as compared to $70.75billion in 2013 
  5. Germany online retail sales this year totaled  $47billion a 9% growth compared with last year at $42.6billion.
  6. France online retail sales grew by 12%  and expected to total around $36.38billion this year
  7. Canada recorded  a healthy 17% Increase in its online retail   to $21.61billion  in 2013 compared to $18.36billion it recorded in 2012
  8. Online Retail sales in Australia is expected to grow to $20.23billion  this year,a 6 percentage higher than $`19.16billion which it recorded  in 2013

March 18, 2014

Smartphone Penetration in Italy at 64%,Retail apps show highest growth

In Italy Smartphone users represent 64.1 percent of the total Italian mobile audience, an increase of 23.5 percent from the previous year

Mobile commerce   Shopping /Online Retail)  is already playing a major role in online retail in Italy. The increase in smartphone usage has been instrumental in driving online retail  sales in Italy according ti Comscore ) Among them are

  1. "  Usage of retail apps  showed the strongest year-over-year increase of 74.8%  followed by the Health category with 66.6% growth. The e-payments and money transfer category came third with 65.2 %  and over 2 Million additional users over the last year
  2. Among those, the  Financial and retail / m-commerce/related services belong to the most popular usage categories accessed by Italian smartphone owners. Online retail sites and apps were visited by 23.8 percent of smartphone owners, followed closely by shopping and price guides (22.6 percent). Accessing electronic payments or money transfer services  via  smartphones has also been popular, with 21.7% t of Italian smartphone owners using those services 

March 14, 2013

March 20, 2012

Comparing Mobile Ad Effectiveness in UK, Germany and Italy | Nielsen Wire

Comparing Mobile Ad Effectiveness in US, UK, Germany and Italy | Nielsen Wire: "According to new research from Nielsen, tablet and smartphone owners in Germany, Italy and the U.K. are more likely than American device owners to make a purchase online via PC after viewing an ad on their tablet or smartphone. Meanwhile, Italian device owners are the most likely to click on an ad to seek out further information on a product advertised on their tablet or smartphone. Americans are the least likely to make a purchase on their smartphone after viewing an ad. Finally, U.S. tablet owners are more likely to click on a mobile ad or search for more information after viewing a mobile ad than U.S. smartphone owners."

 Germany Mobile Ad Effectiveness

Italy Mobile Ad Affectiveness

UK Mobile Ad Affectiveness