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August 30, 2015

5c smartwatches having the best battery lives

April 24, 2015

Apple on track to ship 20million iwatch ,analysts predicts higher sales than ipad

apple's iwatch goes on sales from today, expects 20million shipments
Morgan Stanley's projection  expects iwatch to do more than  250million  shipments after  9 quarters. Each  apple product has sold faster than the product that came before it. Morgan Stanley thinks that the iWatch will sell faster than the iPad.
Apple's first wearable gadget went on sale on Friday and for a change unlike any Apple product launch.. there was no  huge lines outside apple stores across Apple Europe and US. No cameras waiting to interview user who unboxed their first iwatch ..For Apple  this marks its entry its what is being seen as the biggest thing since the smartphone boom .. as  the  wearbles" aim to bridge the gap between   gadget and a human function

While Apple belives it would ship upwards of 20-26million iwatch this year.Apple's own supply vendors indicate their production is set   to ship 2million and more iwatc in the current quarter  Firms in the supply chain estimate Apple will ship 2 million watches per month in the current quarter, said one of the sources

April 12, 2015

Apple Watch Launch Prices of all 15 Models

"apple iwatch prices at launch : 15 models


 The apple bands come in four price points out o the 15 models .Of these 15 watch prices, four are dramatically different. The pricing of the watches is shown in the two graphs below (with and without the Edition).There are also a total of 38 watch configurations available at launch (SKUs) and another 38 bands that can be purchased separately. (image :asymco)

March 9, 2015

Apple Watch Launch :The digital screen just moved away from your fingers to wrist, for $349

 Apple  Smart Watch Launch Video : 

Apple just bought out the right to move your digital screens from your fingers to your wrists. Now you can watch a email on your watch, answer a phone call , read texts  and draw incoherent smiley's on your wrist  all for  $349 for the smaller model and $399 for the larger one . Both models  and are to be available to pre-order and preview in the US and Europe on April 10, and available to buy from April 24.

Oh and yes  to cater to the high end of the market who fancies wrist watches as a collectors delight ..You will have  a Gold Apple edition to Flaunt .. which will merely set  you back by  " $10,000 

For those having the iPhone, the watch will act as second screen with customisable watch faces, texts, calls controlled by a dedicated iPhone app  powered by the smartphone connected over Bluetooth.

This was the first Apple CEO took to the stage for a new product launch at the Yerba Buena Centre at San Francisco since the death of Steve Jobs .Tims Job seemed familiar but the personalities differed both in spirit and form.. a sedate detached but   assured Tim Cook against a  eager, involved and dramatic Steve ..!!

The Geographical Hubs for Smart Watch Manufacturing : China, Japan and Taiwan control 40% of the Market

The graph shows the geographical distribution of smartwatch companies in 2013, by country.

Though smart watches might be a recent phenomenon.. the idea was not. The idea of smart watches manufacturing hubs has been doing brisk business across Mainland China and Taiwan for quite some time now . While  the digital  wearable market is yet  to take shape Major consumer elctronic brands like LG/Samsung/Sony have been working on related technology and fine tunings its manufacturing processes  to meet the " unprecedented demand" in wearable devices  this year 

 A quick glance  on the " geographic hubs for  smart watch manufacturing" shows  not surprisingly dominated by the Chinese Around 26% smart  watch manufacturer's( OEM's) are based out of China. US comes a close 25%. Taiwan and Japan ( 8% and 7%) ranks 3rd  

The Smart Watch War in US and 2015 Launch Dates

Features of Smart Watch Apple vs Competitors

Today March 9th,2015 is a big day for Apple fans and for the wearable devices market . never has been a time after the launch of iPhone .. that a consumer electronics product generated this much of anticipation and hype as the iWatch. Billed as the next biggest  technology revolution on your wrist.. Apple's iWatch promises to change whatever we knew about watches and for  some of us having growing on a diet of gizmos and gadgets.a wrist watch  is still a fashion statement 

However after all that build up, as we  start showing you the details of the iwatch pricing, launch dates  and what the user experience will be like.  Here are the compilations of all other smart watches that is set to d├ębut or some have debuted already this year.

February 28, 2015

Apple iwatch set for April 2015, start from $349

The #Apple Watch, to be branded as #iwatch,  is all set to distrupt the wearables market as the launch date is  about to be announced very soon, and if reports from techcrunch suggests that April is going to see the Apple iWatch make its debut in the US market . Recent leaks have suggested that the iwatch is to be sold at  $349,

As with Apple and Ipad.. the  supply chain has been working non stop 24/7 to meet the explosive demand that Apple products generate .Apple has ordered between five and six million devices to be produced in preparation for the kick-off of sales, according to WSJ today, a figure which matches the  original and first iPad  launch of  initial order of 5 million 

 Industryt watches and Apples own forecasts reveals   that anticipated sales would outstrip  far above the estimated 720,000 devices across all Android wearable manufacturers the occurred during the entirety of 2014.